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Siddhartha- ()     12/30/2005 21:23 PM

If you are a victim of M and K Travel please let Carlos know about that. DON'T DELAY. Today Carlos had contacted me as I am a victim of m and k travel. Below are the contact information for Mr. Carlos

  Lieutenant of Investigations
  Bureau of Criminal Investigation
  San Francisco District Attorney's Office
  732 Brannan Street, 2nd Floor
  San Francisco, CA 94103
  email: [email protected]

On Nov 18 2004, I paid $2506 to Debie by cheque to get two round trip ticket. They haven't issued any ticket and also there is no refund from them. They are ...... , U know ...

After about 8 month I finally got my money back from Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation (TCRC), a nonprofit organization created to
review claims and administer the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund to

Please refer to http://ag.ca.gov/travel/consumer.htm to get further detail about the corporation.

I was in touch with Shirley and she had helped me a lot to get the refund. Actually she had advised me to contact TCRC
   Shirley Edwards
   Investigator/ Auditor
   CA Dept. of Justice
   Office of the Attorney General
   Consumer/ Travel Section
   300 South Spring Street, #1702
   Los Angeles, CA 90013

   [email protected]
   (213) 576-4981 telephone
   (213) 897-7605 fax


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