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Suni- ()     09/09/2008 15:05 PM


I had the same terrible experience with Paul from M and K Travels in Dec 2001 while I booked ticket to Hyderabad, India. He is one person who has to be deported from this country.
When I cancelled my ticket and said will give with some 250 dollar deduction for cancellation. He did not give ANY money back. He said he will in 1 month.. later he started talking to me
"Are you begging" all these things. He is stupid jerk. Rather being responsible for money he owed to people he behaved arrogant and played with people, irritated them thinking that they will stop calling. But no matter what I have put that in small claims court after waiting for 8 months and he did not appear in court in October and after one month that is in November I received 1000 dollars back Actual air ticket costed 1250 dollars.
I cannot believe he is still in the business.

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