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Trekking in Nepal
Glorious Himalaya Trekking is an adventure holidays local tour operator based in Kathmandu, Nepal and offer exciting tours and treks inside Nepal Himalaya such as Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Ghorepani Poon hill trek and many more. Glorious Himalaya Trekking organize small, private and solo group tours as per clients timetable in an any dates.

Bellow is the company contact details:

Glorious Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd.
Ekikaran Sadak, Kathmandu, Neal
Email : [email protected]
Web :
WhatsApp : +9779843760242
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I worked with Pro Travel Network as a home base travel agent and they refuse to pay my commission and agent's fee that is owing me,why I am furious about is: their treatment of refusing to give me any explanation why I am not being paid.This money is owing to me since April 2010.I sold over $35,000.00 in travel and hotel reservation for a total of $1,362.00 in commission and agent fee.I am shock with their behaviour for such a big company to be dishonest and uncaring for their agents.I am sharing this for people who are planning to join up with any travel agency to make a back ground check before moving forward.
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Swosti has promised to refund tour money
Just FYI for anyone following our experiences with Swosti Travels & who may be considering using them in the future: After more emails, they did get back in touch & promised to refund our cancelled tour money! We are waiting & contacted our bank, to keep them aprised; so hopefully, you will hear a good outcome from this experience.
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beware of Swosti Travels, Bhubaneswar/Orissa
My husband & I booked an expensive tour with Swosti Travels last year ($1,800 a piece = $3,600) and our flights were canceled by Air India, with no chance to rebook. We contacted Swosti & spoke with a Mr. Jagruti several times. He assured us we could get a refund; but they still haven't returned our funds! My husband is very upset with them, as am I. We booked this in good faith, and they were listed in one of the major travel guides.

If you do decide to take in a festival out in Orissa; be very cautious about using Swosti Travels. In our case, they kept our entire money ($3,600 U.S.) and provided NO services whatsoever. And that's a ton of money to be out of!
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This is a desi guy owned airline company and he gives the best rates when compared to other desi guys.check it out.Always worked for me
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I wanna say that they have come to justice,, people make mistakes and they are paying the price for it ..

Give it a rest everyone
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Travel India Travel & Tours - FRAUD
Travel agency named Travel India Travel & Tours is complete Fraud in Delhi, India.

I paid the travel agent (Abhishek) in full for my international as well as domestic connecting tickets a month back.
He booked the tickets and then after 2 weeks cancelled it. He never informed me about cancellation, luckily i checked the status online and came to know about it. Then I asked him to re-book, which he did and it got cancelled again the next day. He never informed about the cancellation and i had to check it online and inform the travel agent about it.

WHen i asked about refund, he is giving me hard time for it asking to fill a form in which i cannot go to the consumer forum and file a complain, if I do, he has the right to forfeit my money.

What a fraud.
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M and K Cheaters

I had the same terrible experience with Paul from M and K Travels in Dec 2001 while I booked ticket to Hyderabad, India. He is one person who has to be deported from this country.
When I cancelled my ticket and said will give with some 250 dollar deduction for cancellation. He did not give ANY money back. He said he will in 1 month.. later he started talking to me
"Are you begging" all these things. He is stupid jerk. Rather being responsible for money he owed to people he behaved arrogant and played with people, irritated them thinking that they will stop calling. But no matter what I have put that in small claims court after waiting for 8 months and he did not appear in court in October and after one month that is in November I received 1000 dollars back Actual air ticket costed 1250 dollars.
I cannot believe he is still in the business.
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Almost all telugu travel agencies are like this. Beware of telugu travel agencies. They don't know any thing and they start travel agencies. They are almost robbing. Now they become very greedy. They are cashing our travel urgency. I don't know how to stop this fraud agencies. Airlines has to stop these agencies. Someone please come forward and help from these travel agencies.
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M&K Travel
I'm sorry to hear all the problems people had with this travel agency. I bought so many tickets from them, but there was no problem every time. They always sold the cheapest tickets too. Does anybody know a reliable travel agency that specializes on air tickets to India.
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