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Anil- ()     05/10/2006 18:02 PM

I know Anil from his second year has he had been a frequent visitor to my campus; i.e., Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, which is next door to Birla Institute of Technology & Science. He looks upon me as his adviser and mentor. I have had many opportunities to assess his academic potential as well as other skills.

Anil is quite strong in his academics, especially in the field of Computer Science and Computer Networks. He has written routing algorithms to prevent congestion in networks. I being a Computer Aided Designer who has been working in this field for the past 18 years found his algorithms to be of practical use. His programming skills are excellent. He obtained ‘A grade in Computer Network, Computer programming I (Pascal) and Computer programming II (C language).

Though I have not taken any computer courses for Anil, I gather from his academic interactions with me that he has a very good aptitude for the subject. He has already secured two prestigious jobs through the campus interviews. Most importantly, I would emphasize his good moral and ethical framework. He is very sincere, hard-working, and has high values in life. I notice that his communication skills, both written and spoken are very good.

I strongly recommend him for the MS program in your graduate school with financial support. I have no doubt that he will excel in your institution.

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