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Ketan Patel- ()     04/18/2007 18:07 PM

It is a moment of great pleasure for me to furnish this recommendation for Mr. Ketan Patel as my student of Instrumentation and Control Engineering. He is associated with me for the last two years.

I have always observed him as a sincere and diligent student while attending classroom and laboratory. He has a patience and perseverance to stick to the job and to finish it satisfactorily, irrespective of the level of difficulty of the job. He has always shown the originality in his thought and systematic methodical approach towards the handling of logical, analytical or engineering problems assigned to him.

During my acquaintance with him, my respect for his natural inclination and abilities for research has continually increased.

He possesses consistent and very good academic record. He has ability to organize and express ideas clearly in English both orally and in writing. He is very well managed and polite with his faculty members and quite amiable with his colleagues. He is above 5% of the student with all attitudes. I consider him to be one of my noteworthy students. All this things inspired me to recommend very strongly for the admission at your esteemed school and for research or technical assistantship.

I wish him a bright future.

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