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vag- ()     12/15/2012 09:34 AM

I want to share an experience at Counter B. I applied for re-issue for passport (a 14 yr old passport) to add my wife's name in it. At counter B officer told me that passport damaged and he asked me to provide affidavit “Annexure L” and pay extra 1500/-. I do not know why extra 1500 are needed here.
By the way when I asked what exactly is wrong with the passport, he told me some of the pages are faded on the top left due to moisture (watermarks). I did notice that but watermark were not more than 3 mm thick and all the information in the passport and stamps in the passport was fully intact. I found it sheer waste of time and money as I needed to again go back to PSK with the “annexure L” and extra 1500/-. Why do they need to worry about trivial damage in passport when anyway I applied for re-issue?

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IndiaVisa     11/06/2013 08:28 AM


I am in a similar situation. The moisture destroyed my lamination, hence I have to apply for a damaged replacement passport.

Can you tell me how long did it take for them to reissue your passport. I belive mine will take 45 days.


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