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Passport Renewal - Atlanta
I submitted my passport renewal application to Atlanta consulate. I noticed that on Sat (04/17), automated email was sent out for police verification initiation. I noticed the status of my application is changed to Passport printed. Does it mean police verification has been completed?
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Passport Renewal / Normal Processing - SFO
Applied for 3 passport renewal
          - 1 Adults, 2 Minor
          - No Indian Address change / New Passport will have US address

- 24 Feb, VFS received all 3 applications
- 5 March , Applications Reviewed by VFS and sent to Embassy for processing
- 8 March / 9 March , Embassy started processing
- 15 April, All passports delivered

Did not tweet, did not call VFS, no email query.

Couple of things to notice
     - Status kept changing back and forth while passports were getting processed at Embassy
     - Received No police verification call

     General Observation - If you are applying for passport renewal normal, at least consider 7-8 weeks total processing time.

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Passport renewal - NY - Adult - Normal processing
03/08 - Application shipped via Fedex

03/09 - Fedex delivered package

03/10 - Package received confirmation email from VFS

*VFS tracking*
03/23 - Under process at VFS

03/23 - Processed at VFS and in transit to embassy

*Govt site*
03/24 - Application reached embassy and under review

03/30 - Print has been initiated for passport

04/06 - Passport has been printed

04/12- Passport has been handed over by the Embassy/Consulate to the OSP executive for further dispatch to the applicant.

04/13 - Your application has been processed by the Embassy/Consulate and returned to the VFS Indian Consulate application Centre and is currently in TRANSIT

04/13 - Your document (s) is dispatched using the return label purchased or sent by you. If using VFS courier, please check for email from "[email protected]" for details.If you have used your prepaid label then track the status via the website of the concerned service provider.Note: Information is printed on the documents as what you have filled while completing the online Form on the Government Portal. If you have made mistakes while filling up the Govt. form then VFS Indian Consular application Centres wont be in a position to assist. To get the corrections done, you should contact the Embassy of India or its Consulate directly based on your Consular Jurisdiction.

04/13 - Received tracking information from Fedex

04/14 - Passport delivered
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Passport not being delivered since 10 days
10 days ago my status on the govt website changed to : Your passport has been printed and being forwarded to Embassy/Consulate. The Embassy/Consulate will contact you once they receive the passport for dispatch.

Getting worried now. Doesn’t take so long to deliver reading other people’s experiences. Happens on the same day usually.

No updates from the VFS portal either. Still says sent to embassy for processing
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VFS NY | Indian Passport Re-Issuance Stuck Or Pending Since 20 Days With No Updates.
My son's passport renewal documents and passport were delivered on 23 March 2021 at VFS Consulate and I also got confirmation on same. Post that today till 9th April 2021 no update on further processing. It is pretty worrying, I emailed/called/Tweet DM many times, in response VFS states they are still processing 10 March 2021 applications.

Please help me know if any one facing similar issue.
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Passport Status back to Review after Print Initiation?
My passport renewal at SF application status went from "Print has been initiated" back to "Under review". Not sure why this backward transition?

Anyone has similar experience? Not sure whats going on.
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Passport Renewal - SFO
My passport application went from "Under Review" to "Passport application has been granted.". However a day after this status change, I got an automated email that a Police Verification Inquiry has been submitted.

I'm confused, if the application has been granted, are there any more steps before the passport gets issues.

Also, this is the first time I'm seeing 'Passport been granted' status - most applications go from 'review' to 'print has been intiated'. Does anyone have any clarity on what this status means?
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VFS Passport renewal - SFO
Hi all,

I have submitted my Kids passports for renewal and everything was going good until the status as 'Printing has been Initiated'

For my Son's application status it has changed to 'Printing has been completed.'

But for my Daughter's application status has been changed to 'Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate.' Does any one has this situation ? and would this impact in getting the passport ? What could be the reason for this ? Please advise if you have had the same situation and what is the action that needs to be taken on this.

Thanks all in advance.
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PP Renewal - NY - Normal Processing - Pending case with USCIS
Finally received my passport after 45 days. Previous Passport was issued in NYC too.

02/23 - Fedex delivered the application package

03/04 - Received SMS and email - We have ‘Received’ your Application and your application is now ‘Under Process’ at New York.
(Note: only then you will be able to track status in their website. Otherwise, it will say invalid input)

03/08 – Your Application is in transit to Embassy/Consulate

03/09 – Your Application has reached Embassy and is now under process/review

Tracking in Government Website:

03/10: Your Application is under Review

03/16 – Print Initiated

03/16 – Police Verification initiated email received.

03/18 – Passport Printed.
The status remained the same until 03/23. I called the VFS and asked why my passport status has not progressed and if it because of my Police Verification. They said it is not necessary that PP is always issued only after verification. He also said sometimes it takes 4-5 business days
Nobody called my parents back home and they went to the PS to ask if they have received any info about my PP. They said it might take 20 days. Haven’t received any call so far. May be coz due to election going on there right now.

03/24 – Passport is Printed and will be dispatched shortly (around 12 noon)

03/24 - Passport has been handed over by the Embassy/Consulate to the OSP executive for further dispatch to the applicant. (around 3 PM)

NY VFS closed on 03/25 and opened on 03/30

04/05 – Called VFS again as to why my tracking in VFS still shows my Application is in Review with Embassy and why they are not dispatching. They said VFS NY is operating under limited capacity and to wait as they cannot escalate. I read in twitter that there is only one person working in NY VFS office lol.

04/06: Received email from Fedex with Tracking number at 7 AM. They stated the estimated delivery date as 04/07. (if you have opted for their return service)

04/06: VFS tracking showed they dispatched my Passport using the courier service I opted. The Fedex tracking did not update all day.

04/07: Fedex tracking Updated that my Package was picked up at 5:10 PM.

04/08: Received Old & New PP around 2:30 PM.

Couple of things I observed:
Even if you dont opt for their SMS service you will still receive SMS whenever there is a movement in your case at VFS. The email and SMS arrives at the same time.
The tracking in VFS gets mostly updated after 7 PM.
The tracking on Govt Website gets updated mostly around 12 noon and 3 PM
Even when the VFS website updates that they have dispatched your PP, they might take a day or few to actually hand over the PP to Fedex.
Overall it was very anxious time to wait as Customer Care will do nothing to assist apart from what you can see online.
If you are in hurry opt for Tatkaal specially for NYC coz they will just shut down the office citing Covid any time.
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Passport Renewal - NY (Normal Processing)
Hi, I had fedex'ed by daughter's passport for re-issue on 3/10. Package was delivered to VFS office on 3/11 and received a confirmation SMS. Post that no tracking information nor any updates.

Contacted VFS call center & via email but of no use, they are telling VFS NY office is working with limited capacity due to COVID. Anyone else in the same situation?
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