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Indian Passport

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Passport renewal address
Hi all,

I am submitting online govt application form from usa for passport renewal, please help me with the addresses i need to fill..i filled address and other address as indian adresses…is that fine or should i need to give 1usa address and 1india address
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Indian Passport Renewal--Normal or Tatkal Processing when your passport is about to expire in 10 days
Hello Everyone,

 I would appreciate it if someone can throw light on me to decide on Normal or Tatkal processing.

Currently, I am in California with green card status and my Indian passport is about to expire in the next 10 days. Based on some of the data on this forum, normal passport renewal takes 1-2 months and tatkal would take10-20 days. Also, I don't intend to travel outside the US for the next 2 months.

Can I apply for Normal processing or should I need to choose for Tatkal? Can you please let me know?

Thank you All. Hope to hear your comments and suggestion based on your experience.

Apologize, if this is not right place since I couldn't find the exact forum to post
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Passport renewal ~ Tatkal ~ NY ~ 15 working days.
* My passport was about to Expired ~ but still i have 1 year Validity till ~ 2022 June
* i was planning to go for India to get H1 visa Stamping Slot So i renew my password a head to avoid last minutes Hurdle.
* if your passport was about to Expire less than 12 months your are eligible to Renew your passport under Tatkal or Normal .
Ex: current passport Expires March 2022 , eligible to apply from April 2021.
* Required Steps / Documents
* Register in VFS Portal , Register in GOVT portal ,
* Fill all the Required Information.
* Better to pay fee in Online in VFS portal instead of check or money order / so u have peace of mind while shipping and getting passport back from Embassies
List of documents to include in packet .

* Check list Document with your information Printed .
* Print passport - Application form Summited in Govt web site with Photo Attached.
* annexure-e
* affidavit-for-change-in-appearance-and-signature ( to be Notarized )
* Your i-797 Approval copy Color all pages each 1page (to be Notarized )
* Any US govt valid address Proof Color copy ( DL , State id ) - (to be Notarized )
* passport color copies last 5 pages and last 2 pages
* Include original Passport in packet.
* Application confirmation letter , after your Submit in VFS portal.
* Indian AAdhar card.

* it took around 15 working days for me to get My passport back to my Hand.
* Recommend to wait minimum 10 working days to change the status , after your application Delivered to Indian Embassy
* Packed received June 25/2021 , New PP received July 14.
* for me no police verification done.

Tips to save $:
* For Notary schedule appointment in your Nearest Bank Free of cost.

* Photo : 2*2 use your mobile photo and upload in 'Photo AID app'
  it will convert to white Bag-round. for ( 1$) fee .
  it will give 4/6 , go to Walgreens and print for 0.50$
* No printer/ scanner go Near by Public library to print and scan documents.

Hope it Helps !! Cheers
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Passport Renewal - NY Consulate
Hi All
This forum was very helpful when I had to apply for passport renewal. Here is my timeline.
PP Expiry - Oct 2021. Took two days to get all the documents organized.
Jun 19 - Dispatched the documents to VFS. (Normal Processing)
Jun 21 - Received by VFS (morning)
Jun 21 5:00 pm - Application was processed and submitted to Mission. (Received SMS).

After that, I started checking on the Indian Govt. Portal.
JUN 22 - July 5 - Passport under review.
July 6 1:00pm - Passport initiated for Printing.
July 6 5:58pm - Passport has been printed.
July 8 12:00 pm - Passport is printed and will be delivered shortly.
July 8 5:52pm - Passport has been handed over by the Embassy/Consulate to the OSP executive for further dispatch to applicant.

** VFS
July 9 1:28pm - Your application has been reviewed and will be dispatched using the courier service you opted. (SMS)
July 9 6:29pm - Your document is dispatched via courier.(SMS)
                          Never received any email with Tracking Number.
July 10 5:00pm - Received old and new passport.

Thank you ! So far - have not received any police verification email/call. (prior renewals are from same consulate)
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Passport Renewal - Normal Processing - New York Consulate
My old passport was expiring in March 2022. I applied for renewal of my passport in May 2021, I had to get ahead as I have a pending H1-B application.
(the consulate recommends renewing 6 months before expiry)

I got my application receipt from VFS Global on May 27 2021. I got my old and new passport on June 14 2021.

I didn't check for updates often, but I got a tracking number from Fedex on June 11 and got the delivery on June 14. VFS didn't send any email and the only time I checked "passport seva" website it said "Passport forwarded".

Key features :
   * I got married in the US, I sent a notarized marriage certificate as part of my application. (Spouse name added to the passport)
   * I had a name change (prior to my first passport), I sent a copy of the old affadavit (self-attested)
   * Eventhough not necessary I sent birth certificate/ 10th marks card for further proof.
   * My old India address is still my permanent address and there was NO police verification.
   * For my current US address proof I sent Driver's License (notarized)
   * For legal stay proof EAD card (notarized)

I had a relatively smooth experience in my renewal, VFS has a good checklist and resources though the fee is high. It is best to select the courier partner of VFS otherwise it is a pain, their case website and label printing is terrible. I was very anxious about my application but happily everything went well.

In conclusion I have to say, If in doubt submit more information and please chose VFS's courrier label (Fedex). Don't panic if there are no updates.

Cost : VFS $127.20, Notary + Photos $110, Lyft $35 [if planned well could be < $200]
Work : Around 5 (part-time) days of form filling, gathering and correction and 1 day of legwork
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Name change on Indian passport in SFO
Currently in my Indian passport, I have four names under given names and surname is blank.
My passport is due for renewal in 3 months and I want to change my name on my passport with first name and last name and drop the middle name.
I know I have to advertise and notarize the name change. Has anybody done that recently?. If yes, how did you do that? Did you advertise in a newspapers in both India and the US?

I want to change my name like below.

Current passport:
Given names: FirstName Middle1 Middle2 LastName
Surname: (blank)

New passport:
Given names: FirstName
Surname: LastName
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Expired passport - tatkal renewal
My passport has expired last year. Can I apply under tatkal? I am reading conflicting information in the internet. I will really appreciate if someone who has recently got their passport let me know this. Also I will be applying after 10 years, so my appearance has changed a bit I guess. The vfs website
says one cannot apply under tatkal if there is change of appearance. But in this case also, there are conflicting information available in the internet. Some answers will be really appreciated.
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India Passport Renewal(SFO)- Regular processing
7-Jun-2021 --> Application submitted to Fedex
9-Jun-2021 --> Fedex delivered application
10-Jun-2021 --> VFS acknowdledgement of reciept
10-Jun-2021 --> Request for additional documents(Father name misprinted in old passport)
11-Jun-2021 --> Documents uploaded to VFS portal and printing fees paid
15-Jun-2021 --> VFS processed application and in process at embassy
19-Jun-2021 --> Initiation of police verification
21-Jun-2021 --> Evening: Passport print has been initiated
21-Jun-2021 --> Night: Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate.
25-Jun-2021 --> Passport has been printed.
28-Jun-2021 --> Passport is printed and will be delivered shortly.
30-Jun-2021 --> Your Application has been reviewed by the Embassy of India/ Consulate General of India & will be dispatched using the courier service you had opted
2-Jul-2021 --> Recieved old and new passport

Had Indian address change between old and new passport.
Police verification happened, someone came over to the indian address to verify details
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Indian Passport Renewal
My Indian passport has been sent for renewal for over 3 months the embassy told me it is at the police verification stage. I live in Delhi can someone tell me the address of the police verification location? I keep asking the embassy and they keep saying “waiting for police verification”.
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Passport Renewal from NYC
12-06-2021 - We have ‘Received’ your Application and your application is now ‘Under Process’ at New York (Tatkal)
12-06-2021 - Initiation of Police Verification Request(s)
13-06-2021 - Indian number provided (brother) got call from police station, arranged a friend to talk to police provide docment my id, friend id, affidavit. (Pay some money)
15-06-2021 -Your Application has been reviewed by the Embassy of India/ Consulate General of India & will be dispatched using the courier service you had opted.
16-06-2021 - Received Passport
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