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wasim101     08/19/2015 23:08 PM

hello everyone im from UK and my fiance is from USA , soon we are applying for the petition i29F, but my fiance is currently unemployed , would that affect our process ? or i can get a visa even shes in unemployed , either at Visa interview i can say to the officer when i get back to US i will support myself and my fiance , as i have my bank balance , desperatley need your replies guys ,
thanks in advance looking forward for ur time

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Neecal     09/06/2015 14:42 PM

Hi, I came to US under K1 visa too. As I know, when you file form I129F, your fiance has to fill in form so called financial support. May I ask if your fiance is unemployed by the time you guys apply K1 visa? Cause if she is, then how come you guys are qualified for the K1 criteria?


LawOfficePH     07/16/2016 18:44 PM

Yea, basically you have to prove you can support the person you are applying for.


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