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immihelp     01/03/2018 11:39 AM


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immihelp     01/03/2018 11:05 AM

Test 5

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immihelp     01/02/2018 19:36 PM

Test 4

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immihelp     01/02/2018 19:07 PM

Test 3

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immihelp     10/08/2017 16:21 PM

test 21

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britishresident     11/02/2016 05:36 AM

I am not sure if this is the best place to post this but I would like to share my experience of applying for the British citizenship and I would like to know what the experience of other people becoming a British national is.

I lived in the UK for 12 years and decided to apply for the British citizenship to make things easier for me. Since I study a degree in the UK I did not have to prove my knowledge of English, which is required even if your first language is English. Then I prepared for the Life in the UK Test, a exam about the uk, with historical facts, a bit of politics, sports, arts, etc. There is a book for this. I read the book a few times and also practice online. There are a number of sites where you can practice for free. A friend recommended http://www.britishcitizenshiptests.co.uk. I practiced there and in a couple of other webs and I booked my exam. The exam was quite easy, more than I expected as I had heard some people fail. I submitted the exam certificate and all the documentation required more than 5 months ago and I am still waiting to hear back from a response. I was told that after you received the approval of your application you have to wait about another month until you have your citizenship ceremony. Any experiences from other people?

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jermaine     10/12/2016 08:05 AM

hello?my wife is in uk but we are planning to be legally married this year.she is currently staying with her parents and she is at college and also doing party time job.She is a holder of indefinate leave to remain visa.she wants me to come to uk.My aunt is also in uk,she stays alone ,she has indefinate leave to remain.She also wants me to come to uk.My question is what would be the easier way to get a visa to apply thru my aunt's name or my wife's name?please assist

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Kuldeeps111     07/22/2016 07:29 AM

Iam from Delhi I have travel singapur Malayasia , Turkish , U.K. , Austrlia alone . Now i want to apply with my wife for uk toursit visa she don't have travel history should I apply or not .

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hbb123     05/23/2016 08:07 AM

Hey! Can someone please guide me whether I can travel to the UK on a visit visa in order to study a short course, at a private academy for 30 days? Since, on the official uk govt it says that a person is eligible to study for 30 days at an independent school whilst on visit visa?

Also, do i mention that i am going to study on the visit visa application? The private school does not issue sponsorship letters and I can not even book a place without paying in advance which will not be refunded, if the visa is unfortunately refused to me.

Please guide me on this!!

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SB123     11/14/2013 17:20 PM


I know this question has been posted several times in the site, but still wanted to confirm.
I am an Indian citizen, currently staying in the USA on an international student visa (F1 which is stamped on my passport) which is valid till 2017. I will be traveling to India from San Francisco in Dec 2013 and will travel back in Jan 2014 through British Airways via London. I need to change flights at Heathrow airport. Do I require the DATV (Direct Airside Transit Visa)?
I read the information on the UKBA website and I understand that I need not apply for DATV since I comply with the 'transit without visa concession' as I have a valid visa of USA, traveling by air and my onward flight departs within 24 hours. Please let me know if my understanding is correct. I was confused because in another place in the same site it mentions that Indian citizens need to have a DATV.

Also, if someone was in similar situation I would appreciate if you can share it.


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