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Kanwar- ()     02/06/2011 11:32 AM

This website has been very helpful for me in getting my parent's visitors visa filed. So, you dont have to pay to any lawyer or consultant and can do all the things on your own if you follow this website along with the USCIS website.

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John Raju- ()     01/16/2011 18:16 PM

We had mailed our applications Via USPS priority mail on Nov.3rd 2010 and was received by Indian Consulate Houston on 11.5th 2010. The Cashiers check has not yet been cashed nor any sign of receipt of our application is showing in their web site. We have been trying to reach them by phone for weeks but no luck. We will like to know the status of our applications

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Narain Thadani- ()     12/31/2010 14:47 PM

Amazing site with a wealth of information.
My trepidation on how to fill the DS-160 form completely resolved with the step my step instructions given. Keep up the good work.
Regards / THADANI

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F. DESIR- ()     12/26/2010 16:13 PM

No other website is better than Immihelp when it is about Immigration Info. No doubt about it.

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Ashok- ()     12/20/2010 23:36 PM

Thank you for such an informative and well maintianed site. Thanks a lot.

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RICARDO SOLANO- ()     11/22/2010 22:48 PM

Thank you so much for such a valuable help.

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ravi- ()     11/09/2010 00:18 AM

especially at one place if felt it had confusing information.
Ex. Sponsoring employer.
If you lost ur job while I 485 IS PENDING, are you sure you are out of status ? and have to leave country within 10days while on EAD.

Please verify that with other Past information.
& Excuse me if i am wrong.


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M. Gonsalves- ()     11/08/2010 06:08 AM

An excellent site for anyone to get a clear picture regaring anything on the US immigration scene

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Rajesh- ()     10/30/2010 10:26 AM


Your site has the fillable form for Indian passport application, WITHIN INDIA, on the following page. This is the so-called Form No 1.


However, this form is slightly different than the one published at the govt website


1. The first 4 pages look mostly similar, but some questions are in different order.
2. Page 5 is completely different.
4. Page 6 is missing in your version.

Can you please update your website with the correct form from the govt that is fillable?



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KKT- ()     09/28/2010 00:48 AM

This is a very good site for US visas. I prepared all my documentation from this site and today myself along with my parents got the visa to visit my brother in Los Angeles. Thanks immihelp.

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