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F2 Visa Interview Experience | Approved
As there are not many F2 Visa experiences shared on platforms, I had a difficult time trying to gauge what exactly can be asked and what should I be ready for. Hence I decided to share my experience.
I hope it helps people like me, who are searching for a recent F2 Visa experience.

Consulate - Mumbai
Interview Date - 16th August 2019

The Interview -

Me : Good Morning
VO : Pass me your passport and both the i20's
Me : Given
VO : Which school did your husband study from?
Me : He completed his MS from XYZ
VO : Can you pass me your marriage certificate
Me : Given
VO : You don't have the original one?
Me : This is the original one, you can check the rear side, it's signed and stamped by the registrar
VO : What is he currently doing?
Me : He is currently working as a XYZ in the company ABC
VO : When did you get married?
Me : Said
VO : Can you pass me your wedding Album
Me : Given
VO : Is it a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
Me : It's a Love marriage, we've been dating for 8 years out of which 3 have been long distance.
VO : when did u guys meet?
Me : we were together in the same school, and started dating during college
VO : Which school was this? And where is it located?
Me : The school was XYZ, located in Mumbai.
The VO then Flipped through the album till the end.
VO : Congratulations your visa bas been approved, and handed me a white slip.
Me : Thankyou so much!

I recieved my passport and visa within 3 days.

A Few points to remember while going for the interview :

1. BE CONFIDENT from the moment you enter the counsulate. This can be a very daunting process and you will feel nervous, but just keep calm.

2. Do not fumble while giving your answers, rehearse and practise all possible questions. My husband took mock interviews for me, and this helped me alot.

3. Do not be affected by rejections happening. While you're waiting for your turn, you will be able to hear and see other's interviews. Don't get scared or affected by it, and just focus on what you are going to say.

4. Greet the officer and keep a smile on your face. You should look happy that you're finally going to be with your spouse. Looking scared or nervous might just raise suspicions.

5. Keep all your documents arranged properly and make sure you know what is kept where. If asked for wedding Album, open the album then pass it on.

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