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Successful CP in Warsaw (Poland) DV 2005
Hello Everybody,
First I would like to thank everybody for all valuable information you have always shared and it helped me a lot. And here follows my story:

My situation: I have been with my husband in US for almost 3 years. First we were on F students visas then we changed it to J visas. Unfortunately by changing it to J visa we got 2Y rule but me as J2 dependent could legally work. My husband is studying to get a PhD degree and I work. I won DV2005 at second trial. My number was 2005EU16260 and got current in February. Because we had to waive 2Y rule first we send back our documents to KCC rather late - end of October 2004. Although my number got current in February we got our interview date for June 23 (yesterday;-)) We scheduled our medicals for June 20 and got our results the same day. We chose Poznan to do the medicals because everything is done in the same building and a doctor – Teresa Gertig is a very nice person.

Our interview was scheduled at 8 a.m. however we were at the embassy around 7 a.m. There were many other immigrant visa applicants, around 40 people. After checking our appointment letters they let us in and a waiting begun. First we were asked to the lady who checks and takes all documents. She checked all documents and was really amazed that we had everything and much more, she didn’t even take all documents for financial support. We had bank statements, job statements and just in case: affidavid of support.

Then we waited around 1 hour to get to cash register to pay all fees : 2x 755$. After we paid we waited around 1.5 h to talk to the consul. After we came to the window we started speaking right away in English and she was really pleased. Almost none of the applicants could speak English, consul was really happy that she could talk to us in English. First she asked where we live in US. Because it is Florida we started chatting about weather etc. Then she asked what we do over there, what kind of job I have and what is my husband studying. Because we have masters degrees in Biomedical Engineering and my husband is studying Nanotechnology right now she was not sure if this profession would require additional background checks on us. (Maybe she though that we know how make biological weapons, which we really don’t.) At that point I got a little bit nervous because I really didn’t want to get stuck with background check. Luckily, she checked somewhere that we are not threat to the United States and said that additional background check is not required. Then she took our fingerprints, we swore that everything we said is truth and she told us our visas would be ready after 3 p.m. the same day. And that’s the whole story. Whole interview took no more than 10 minutes. Most of the time we were waiting and we spent at the embassy around 4 hours. Everything went without any problems and the consul was very nice person. We dressed rather nice but not business-like. Many people were in t-shirts and jeans. Some people were grilled and there were couples who were interviewed separately, however I don’t know if they were DV applicants. While I was waiting one women with a daughter (around 14 years old) was denied visa because of public charge reason, but I really don’t know details. Another person forgot to take medicals and had to bring them back another day.

If you are prepared well and have all documents there is no way not to be successful at the interview. It really is a very simple process. Just have all documents. Basically interview is a documents check. Don’t be nervous and speak English (if not from English-speaking country).

Good luck everybody, hope this story will help in your case. Greetings;-)))
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