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Sydney applicants...information
I have a few tips just to refresh for upcoming applicants, which I hope will help:

a) Call KCC AS SOON as your number becomes current, after the 15th of the month to confirm your interview date. (Handy to book flights/hotels etc in Sydney if you don't live near the city)

b) If you think you will have problems with the medicals, (no tetanus / chicken pox records, etc) get tested for the necessary things at your local GP and get the jabs early. It will save time later. I scheduled my medical before I got the second package (due the x-mas / new year usual shutdowns) and printed the forms from one of the govt. websites. I wouldn't have had enough time to do all the necessary tests, medical exam, etc before the interview if I waited for the '2nd package' to arrive.

c) Public Charge. This was my only REAL concern during the whole process. I didn't have a job offer OR I-134. I went with my own funds. If you CAN'T GET a I-134, (and they ask for one) DON'T um 'n ah and say you will get one, be firm and act confident with the presentation of your own assets.
Forget about that 16 odd thousand US poverty line guideline as any real guidance for meeting the public charge provisions. It might cut it a small African rural area or far eastern blockade country (no offence here guys!) but they need to see a fair bit more than the 16K guideline at Sydney. Period. You need to have a strong employment background, AT LEAST the 16K, some property, superannuation, and a clear idea where and what you will be working as in the US. I used my property (which the lady at the first window wanted to see a contract of sale for) and as if I was selling before being issued with a visa) and had to press the consular official on this issue at the final interview.

d) You need a US address AND phone number before they can issue with your visa. I didn't have the number handy, and made a quick call home to get it and then faxed it up upstairs to the consulate from the post office in the MLC.

e) Dress neatly and be organized. Have copies of everything, take all documents you think will help your case, and try and remember everything that the ledgends like Wikas, Curious, OzAnt, OiBoy, Fi, have posted previously. (sorry if I didn't mention your name), but I think all posters really helped me understand the whole mystery that is the Diversity Visa.
Good Luck to all future applicants, new arrivals, and anybody else thinking about taking on the United States Immigration System!!

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