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approved @ chennai
Hello thanks all for sharing... it helped me a lot

I was sitting beside a VO who was rejecting all day.. i thought not to have same VO for my interview.. but my number appeared for same window.

But was cool...

me : Hello How are you
VO : Fine
Me : Happy Thanks giving
vo : thanks

I gave my file to VO so he is checking my documents...

VO have you ever worked in US
ME : Yes im working..
vo : who is ur client
me : YYY
VO : where at
me : city name
vo : did you do masters
me yes
vo : did you finish masters in same univ you have F1 visa...he was checking my visa stamp
me : yes
vo : whom do you work for
me : XXX is my employer im placed at YYY company, my daily duties are assigned by YYY but my project outcome and supervised by my employer.
VO : who provided you laptop and hardware to work
me : MY employer provided me laptop but i do use VDI which is provided by client(im not sure what to answer.. so he went on asking what is vdi.. how it works..)
VO : how long you have ben working for that client
me : more than a year now.
vo : who is ur primevendor
me : XXX
VO : do you have work agreement between client and XXX
me : no

But i did say that i have a letter to uscis from my employer(who is also PV) that was fluke.. i just made a sentance.. but i dont have it...

he took lot of time for every question asked.

VO : do you have client letter
me : NO i do not have client letter but i have client timesheets and photographs taken at client location
VO : its alrite what is the address where you work
me : ---------
VO : but i see different address listed here
me : no i can show you in my LCA..

 i asked if you want me to? he said yes

i looked in the LCA with address and gave him the document and he verified.. but he said the address is different.. then i told him Yeah i had the same question with my lawyer but he convinced me that the lca was submitted for same county can be used.

VO was convinced on that

VO : what technoloy do you work on
me : explained in detail at this moment i felt i got approved so took my own time... he was busy typing..

vo : can i have letter from ur employer to consulate

ME : sure

I was shocked he might look something about client.. but he just looked like that and said the golden words...

he gave the white pamplet and encouraged me to read it
me : thank you very much.. you have wonderfulweekend

VO you too...

There are few more questions but dont remember.. and dont feel they r important...

he just waited for few keywords from me.. after he made sure he got it.. he never cared what im talking..

Thanks everyone... be will get it in ease.

its not as tough as people say.. I have seen so many got their H1 approved today who felt confortable at VO..
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