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Insubuy/Atlas America

I am writing this review to share my recent excellent experience with Specifically, Mr. Narendra Khatri (the owner of Insubuy) provided outstanding service and assistance in resolving my father’s medical claims with Atlas America during his visit earlier this year. See the details below.

I have been purchasing visitors insurance for my parents as well as mother-in-law from (formerly for several years now. Because my risk tolerance level is low in such matters, I have been always purchasing U.S. based comprehensive plans (such as Atlas America offered by HCCMIS or Patriot America/Patriot Platinum America) that participate in cashless PPO network.

Both HCCMIS Atlas America as IMG Patriot America/Platinum America plans do pay the claims, however, it is important to be organized and methodical to get the claims paid. First, unlike the typical employment-based health plans (such as Cigna or Aetna) that we all have in the U.S., all of the visitor insurance plans typically take much longer (several months) to settle the claims. The key is to (a) visit an in-network PPO provider so that you can avail of direct billing and cashless transaction, (b) try to use to the extent you can large medical groups / providers that maintain electronic health records; (c) file claimants statement along with supporting documentation (such as copy of passport, visa, I-94) even if the provider is billing directly to the insurance; (d) pre-emptively fax or mail the complete electronic medical records for the dates of service to the insurance (HCCMIS or IMG) because that is usually the source of delay; (The insurance invariably requests medical records from providers and if the providers do not timely furnish such records, the claim process gets delayed by months.) (e) always communicate by Fax or e-mail (not phone) so that you have a record.

My experience has been that even if you diligently do all of the above, there is still a delay in processing the claims. My most recent experience has been with HCCMIS Atlas America. My father was insured under this plan (with a low $250 deductible and a high coverage - $500K I believe). The beauty of this plan is that the plan pays 100% if you stay in-network and provider bills HCCMIS directly (you need to mention the PPO name, not HCCMIS). In any event, my father had to be rushed to the urgent care of a large medical center here in NJ and then hospitalized for a night at a hospital for sudden GI issues back in February 2013. He underwent endoscopy etc. at the hospitalization, received follow-up specialist care after discharge, and thankfully everything went well. Because we were in-network, everything was cashless. My father recovered and returned to India in March. His medical bills were significant (around $20K). Although HCCMIS didn’t deny any of the bills, all of the bills were in pending status several months later. My wife and I were not making much headway.

That is when I decided to take a chance and send an e-mail to Narendra Khatri at the generic Insubuy e-mail address. I will be candid that I didn’t expect a response from him especially since Insubuy is an online broker. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I got an almost immediate response from Narendra from his personal e-mail address. He called me as well to assure me that he will do everything in his power to assist me in this matter and facilitate the processing of the bills. He was true to his word. The first set of claims were processed and paid at 100% (after a $250 deductible) shortly thereafter. I recently received word from him that the last set of claims including a large hospital bill (more than $10K) was paid. In short, after his intervention, HCCMIS paid all of the claims with zero patient responsibility as per the contract.

I can contrast this experience with my considerable problems last year in getting my mother-in-law’s emergency room claims paid by IMG/Platinum America when I had bought it from another website that incessantly advertises on TV. To be fair, I never contacted that website because I didn’t know who to contact. Although IMG did eventually pay all of the bills at the contractual rate at 100% (after deductible), it initially had denied the bills ostensibly because it didn’t receive her medical records (which was not true), and approved the claims only after I lodged a formal appeal of their denial. It was pretty swift after filing the appeal – the key is perseverance.

In short, I highly recommend purchasing (1) U.S. based comprehensive visitors insurance plan so that you can avail cashless PPO; and (2) and purchasing it from a reputable broker such as Narendra Khatri of (Before I start getting innuendos, let me make it clear that I am no relation or social friend of Mr. Khatri. He is just an excellent professional.).
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