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Ehansen     03/23/2020 18:51 PM

I submitted all my paperwork 25 July 2019- along with my medical which was done 20 July 2019. For my interview in May- will I need a new updated medical or will the one I sent with my application still be valid? If not.. what’s the point of having it on the check list.. any info much appreciated.


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jatinlodhia     03/08/2020 23:46 PM

IMG Global insurance refuses to pay our medical claims by ghosting us after collecting premiums. If you are considering buying medical insurance from IMG for visiting family, please read our experience below before proceeding. We paid $3,292 in premiums and incurred $15,000 in unexpected hospital visits. IMG has dragged out the payment for 3 months and till date, it has paid nothing.

When looking for insurance coverage, we wanted to go with a US based company for better reliability and to facilitate easy payments. We chose IMG Global insurance which had a premium of $3,292 covering both of my parents for the duration of travel with a $500 copay and 100% medical coverage.

During the stay, my mom had a medical emergency that required a visit to the emergency room followed by multiple doctor visits. According to IMG's website, the emergency room and the followup visits should have been 100% covered. The total hospital bills came up to around $15,000. I expected these to be paid directly by IMG as their website claimed.

To my surprise, I started getting bills from the hospital saying IMG rejected the claims. The hospital rep said that the Insurance needed a claim document from us to proceed further. I reached out to IMG and they asked me to file a simple claim form.

Mid Dec 2019: I filed a claim form online. Nothing happened. I continued to receive hospital bills.

Jan 21st 2020: After I followed up, an IMG representative asked me to email the claim form to their customer care dept ([email protected]…). I did so. Nothing happened.

Beginning Feb, 2020: I tried to fax the claim form for a week but the fax did not go through. I finally sent the claim form by USPS post. Again no response, no action. At this point, I was afraid that IMG might turn out to be a scam.

Feb 13th 2020: I received a confirmation to my previous email but was informed that their systems were down. IMG was completely unresponsive for almost a month (no website, no phone support).

Feb 24th 2020: IMG's systems and Customer Care helpline finally came back online. I chatted with a representative online. He asked me to send the claim form AGAIN!!! (This is the 4th time I am sending the claim). Still no response. In the meantime, I kept talking to the hospital to make sure that they are aware of the situation.

Today, March 8th: I got the first debt collection letter from the hospital and still no response from IMG.

It's been 3 months of trying to get IMG to pay up. What's the point of paying $3,292 for medical insurance if IMG is going to ghost me when it's time to pay out the claims? $15,000 is not a small amount and quite frankly this is extremely unprofessional and IMG should be ashamed of making its customers run around in circles. Please consider alternative providers and read reviews before deciding what's best for your family.

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ardi     03/03/2020 06:57 AM

when i came for visiting usa that time i purchase insurance and its very useful for me and my family

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[email protected]     10/29/2019 16:28 PM

Recently, I had an exceptionally positive experience with Insubuy which has prompted me to write this review. I realize that this review is somewhat lengthy, regardless I still wanted to share the details for the benefit of others.

Earlier this year (2019), I visited the US. I bought a travel medical insurance from Insubuy.com. Unfortunately, during the trip, I had a medical emergency and needed care. The insurance plan I bought was based on a PPO that partnered with an extensive network of providers (hospitals, labs, doctors etc.), which made it easy to find in-network healthcare near me.

Unlike some other parts of the world, medical care in the US is extremely expensive. In a few weeks, I started receiving (unsurprisingly) large medical bills. I promptly filed the claim. While I was waiting for the insurance company to process my claim, I contacted Insubuy to benefit from their expertise. Jagruti (from Insubuy) promptly responded. Since my claim was rather complex, she roped in the claim resolution specialist, the legal department and other experts at Insubuy. Due to Jagruti and her team's immense help, my claim was favorably processed in a timely order.

Predictably, my experience with Insubuy has been very positive. Here are the three things that clearly stood out to me:
(1) Desire to help the customer: clearly, every insurance broker claims they care for the customer, however, many brokers simply abandon their clients once they receive their money. Insubuy is different. Insubuy was there to support me when I needed them - both pre-sale and post-sale.
(2) Capability to help the customer: owing to the duration of their relationship with the insurance companies and due to the volume of business they generate, the insurance companies give ample attention to Insubuy customers.
(3) Expertise to help the customer: Insurance is too complex for the layman- Insubuy has the experts who can help when the need arises.

In summary, even though the same insurance plan is available at hundreds of websites at similar rates, there is a significant advantage in purchasing the insurance through a broker who really cares for the customer post-sale. After my experience, I certainly consider Insubuy as a great broker and I highly recommend them.

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aruniitk07     02/12/2019 00:36 AM

I have received j1 visa and my Wife is applying for J2 dependent. I would like to know if insurance is mandatory when appear for the interview. I bought my insurance after getting visa. In some websites, it is mentioned that it is compulsory to have insurance during interview even though its not mentioned in the offcial site.

Please someone help!

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Raj_MN     06/05/2018 00:10 AM


I generally purchase visitor’s medical insurance for my parents and in laws when they visit me in the United States once a year, so 4 plan purchases a year.
I’ve used a couple of other brokers in the past and have been disappointed in product knowledge and level of service, until I found Insubuy.
Since I found about Insubuy from a friend, I’ve been purchasing from them over the past few years.
I’ve never had to invoke the after sales service until my mom fractured her arm and we had to use the visitors medical insurance. This is the specific example mentioned below.


The insurance company covered the injury as per the terms of the plan, with the significant exception of the associated physical therapy. You would think that it should be covered if the ER visit was covered as well as the doctor’s visits, even more so if it was in network for everything (I had checked everything out before purchasing the plan, with Insubuy’s help), but it doesn’t seem to work like that.
The insurance company stiffed me for about 2900 dollars’ worth of physical therapy, but covered the 3500 dollars of the ER visit and associated CT scan, X-rays, etc, as well as a few hundred dollars’ worth of doctor’s visits.
I checked with the provider and it turns out they used the correct billing codes. However, although PT and OT are handled the same way by US insurance companies for US residents, visitors medical insurance chooses to only cover PT (which means getting an actual prosthetic, which only reflects about 10% of the cases).
You would think that after an in network doctor takes X-Rays in network and provides PT instructions to an in network PT provider, the associated PT would be covered. Turns out that it’s not, or more accurately, the insurance company chose not to.
I contacted Insubuy and they asked me to send over all the associated paperwork (explanation of benefits, claim denials, provider bills and so on). I also discussed the situation with Jagruti and Fallon. Jagruti is on the sales side, she mentioned they represent the customer (as in, me). Lyle helped me fill out the paperwork. Fallon is the insurance claims person and she connected with the insurance company. A couple of weeks later, the insurance company covered it all, subject to the terms of the deductible. This was Fallon going out of her way to help me get a positive outcome and I am very grateful.

The reason I’ve excluded the insurance company’s name from this review is because it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact that Insubuy (specifically Fallon, Jagruti and Lyle) helped fix a very expensive situation for me. I did read reviews about instances of Insubuy helping customers in similar situations (where the insurance company stiffs the customer), but having experienced it myself is frankly awesome.

A US insurance company is unlikely to engage in shenanigans of this sort, for obvious regulatory reasons. However, it seems that providers of visitors medical insurance have greater latitude or perhaps interpretation, of coverage. My only advice to you is to read EVERY word of the benefits agreement. Oh and definitely take the advice provided by the Insubuy sales reps! LOL that goes without saying.


• Excellent Product knowledge (they know more about the products they sell, that many of the insurance company benefits representatives themselves……this was weird!)
• The representatives I’ve worked with are Russell, Amanda, Lyle and Jagruti. I know I’ve missed a couple of names who were really good as well. I’ve never found any of Insubuy’s reps to not know stuff off the bat; they really do know all the nuances of every plan. This was surprising, when I first connected with them a few years ago.
• Their recommendations were tailored to fit my individual needs (my parents and in laws vary in age and the corresponding plans available varied by max policy coverage, among a couple of other variables)
• A good website that actually can price on the spot; it obviates the need to even call customer service on many occasions
• They work for the customer, not for the insurance company
• Excellent after sales service (as per the specific example mentioned above).


• I really didn’t find any. In general, with any insurance broker, you can usually find a couple of customer service reps who don’t know as much, or the response time is poor, or perhaps they disappear after the product is sold (a rather common situation).
• However, none of these apply…..I’m frankly surprised at the stellar level of service.
• In short, I’m impressed.

In general, the overall customer service and product knowledge alone is why I have been recommending Insubuy to my friends, relatives and neighbors over the past few years.

However, after the situation I’ve outlined above, this level of after-sales service is the reason why they have me as a customer for life.

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pvent     07/14/2017 17:43 PM

Sometimes the difference is made not only by the insurance you choose but the broker that sells you the policy. On Dec 2016 my mother had a medical problem in NYC (I've purchased the policy for her a couple of months before her trip). I submitted the claims to the insurance company and only after I decided to involve INSUBUY the reimbursement was paid. Thank you for all your help.

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pvent     07/11/2017 11:01 AM


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insubuy     05/07/2017 11:55 AM

Customer review
After comparing Insubuy with a few others we are satisfied with having bought my dads insurance since her is travelling from India and we are convinced that you guys were very clear with info and Amber was very helpful!!

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insubuy     05/07/2017 11:53 AM

Email from a customer
Hello Management:

Just a quick note to say that, I had a great experience with your agent Teresa (Xtn 113), who have excellent service:
- explaining my options to me, and to understand the differences in coverage
- helping me narrow down my choices
- helping me make the right choice (hopefully).

I just bout a near $3000 visitors health policy for my parents, and she helped me make that decision in comparison to others that I was contemplating online for just a $1000.

Anand R

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