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PIO card validity and online application form problem
   Over the last days, I was emailing, calling Consulates regarding PIO card validity after June 17th, 2015 since I've a
journey after June 17th 2015. I emailed MHA( regarding having OCI in place of
PIO scenario and I got the the generic reply

  PIO scheme has been merged with OCI scheme w.e.f. 9th January 2015 and new PIO cards are not being issued w.e.f. this date. The validity of existing PIO cards is automatically extended till LIFELONG and it will remain valid.

1. It is not mandatory to convert PIO to OCI. It is optional.
2. No time frame has been prescribed for conversion. It can be done at any time if the holder desires to convert it.
3. Conversion is GRATIS and no application fee is charged. Therefore, the question of penalty does not arise as it is not
time bound.
4. Existing cards are valid Lifelong and the validity stamp on it may be affixed by any FRRO, Indian Missions or even
Immigration Check Posts, if desired by anyone. Validity stamp is NOT MANDATORY.
5. Conversion applications from PIO to OCI need to be submitted to the same office, which originally issued the PIO cards,
since these cards were issued by the Indian Mission under their delegated powers and entire records/data of the
applications are available with them only.

                       So long as you are carrying genuine PIO card, you should have no problem in entering/exiting the
country. For query related to OCI card, please write to [email protected]

Regarding my situation, I've valid PIOs and valid PPs for my 3 children. 2 of the PIOs were obtained in 2009 from
Indian Embassy, DC. Third one was issued on Jan 14th 2015(Yes, 5 days after the 9th Jan 2015 date) from Atlanta Consulate.
In an email, Atlanta Consulate said PIO card is not valid for travel after June 17th 2015. But yesterday when I
called their office, a lady picked and said PIO cards are valid lifelong and one need to apply for OCI soon but the
existing PIO card is valid irrespective of June 17th 2015 date, completely contradicitng information within the same

I checked Houston Consulate website for more clarity and it says, those doing interim travel to India need to have valid
PP, valid PIO AND Ckgs receipt showing that the applicant applied for OCI in lieu of PIO.

But the problem is Atlanta and SF ckgs centers take original PIO cards when applying for OCI in lieu of PIO and return PIO
(cancelled) along with OCI and PP after completion of OCI process(atleast 2 months). Other Consulates/Embassy applicants can send PIO card during step 2 of OCI card process. As one of my child's PIO card is from Atlanta, I cannot apply for OCI in lieu of PIO because I've to submit original PIO and I'll get it after 2 months

   I just wanted to see what information is being asked in OCI in lieu of PIO online form. So, When I tried to fill the OCI
in lieu of PIO online form for the PIO card with issue date of 14th Jan, the form was not going to next page as it is
thinking that the PIO card with issued date of 14th Jan is invalid and also the form is not recognizing the validity date
of LIFELONG and saying Invalid date format.

Ok, I said enough, confused myself and confused everyone. My question/concern is simple. Is valid PIO card with
valid PP enough for India travel after June 17th. Probably, few people in the forum are there in this situation. Please let
me know your opinions. I've already prepared application forms for 3 Tourist Visas but just thought I would check in the


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