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my daughter's PIO expiring Set,22 and she is travelling to India from June 15th to Aug 7 . Can she travel on PIO card, has anyone travelled on PIO to India this year.
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Pio expiring Sept22
My daughters pio is expiring sept 21,2022.she is planning india travel from 15 june to 7 august,22
I jus realised pio extended till dec 2022
Once i come back will apply for conversion frm pio to oci

Can she travel with pio expiring in sept,2022
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How to apply OCI with FNU

Can someone with FNU, please share how did u apply for OCI?
My Indian passport just had single name and it was changed to ‘Unknown’ as first name and my single name as Surname in the US passport. Now Indian embassy has refused to print ‘Unknown’ as first name on my OCI and asking me to get it corrected on US passport. So, don’t know how to approach!
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Will airline accept expired PIO card?
My 20 year old son has expired PIO card and also the expired passport for which it was issued.

I understand it is valid till September 30, 2019

But will airline accept this as valid visa to travel to India?

I wanted to get OCI card for him after he turns 21. Process is complicated for those under 21.

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Travel on a new US passport with PIO card attached to an expired US passport

We are planning a trip to India in 2 weeks. My daughter has a new US passport and a PIO card that is attached to an expired US passport. Can she still travel on the PIO card if we carry both the new and expired US passport ?

Please let me know.

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Urgent help.
My daughter is traveling to India landing in Delhi this evening. She has a valid US Passport and PIO card, however her PIO card has the old passport number and she isn't carrying the old passports. I have scanned the old passports and sent to her. Would everything go okay in immigration, please help me with your experiences.
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PIO Card for Minor
Hi, my daughter born in 2012 in USA. We moved to India in 2013. PIO card expired and US passport expired in 2017. We renewed her US passport from US embassy in Mumbai. I assume she will have no problem travelling to US but how about coming back to India. We are travelling to US in June 2019 for a month. Please suggest.
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PIO Card Validity
Hello, my husband, kids and I have PIO cards. Is PIO card valid for travel? CKGS website mentions that PIO validility has been extended till Sept 2019. I called CKGS and embassy mutilple times to confirm but no luck (noone picks up).

Can anyone please confirm here? Thank you!

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PIO card validity extended until Sep 30, 2019 :-)
As per announcement on Mar 28, 2019,, PIO card validity seems to have been extended until Sep 30, 2019.

Various websites seems to be rolling out the changes slowly.
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PIO card validity after 31st March 2019
As you all already know that handwritten/Machine readable PIO card is getting discontinued after 31st March 2019. My daughter(minor) is currently in India and have Handwritten PIO card issued in 2013 and valid upto 2018. Due to family emergency we could not convert PIO to OCI earlier and now the deadline is 31st March 2019 (15 days from now). She would need probably exit permit when leaving to the USA from India sometime in May 2019.

Would someone suggest what are the options considering the situation? What will happen when PIO gets discontinued after 31st March 19, would they allow to board the flight to the USA? Are there any issues getting an exit permit?

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