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  • I-485 Tracker

    We have launched immigration and visa tracker at www.immihelp.com/tracker

    You can track your I-485 application and every stage of greencard at www.immihelp.com/tracker

    Everyone is encouraged to make use of it.
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    Urgent-I485 Receipt Notice

    Can any one of you please share your experience/time in receiving I485 receipt notice from date of filing for 2006?


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      I havent received the I-485 receipt. filing date 24 July

      My I-485 was filed together with I-140 at nebraska center. I go the I-140 receipt but no I-485 receipt.
      If anyone has got the receipt for I-485 durint the same time frame of filing please let us know.


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        I'm a bit confused as to when you're supposed to get your I-485 number.

        My attorney tells me that it's only when your priority date comes due (mine is in Sept, 2002, and I still have a while to wait, apparently), but other people In The Know say that I should have access to it right now. What I do have is some other mega-long number that starts with LIN and is 11 digits long.

        Is my attorney correct, or just misinformed? Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


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          I-140 and I-485

          I received my I-140 receipt on 11/23/06. On 12/18/06, I filed my I-485 application and I received my I-485 receipt on 1/17/07. On 1/23/07, I received my I-140 approval, EAD card, and advance parole. My I-485 application remains pending currently. I had my biometric test done on 1/25/07.
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            Receipt/Notice Dates for case filed on 6/7

            Attornery mailed I-485 applications on 6/6 reached at NSC on 6/7.. person named williams signed the DHL package.
            Do they really sign all the applications received at service centers????
            No Receipt/Notice Dates so far??? I saw some people who filed on or just after 6/7 got their Receipt/Notice Dates

            Is there a number we can use to call NSC service center & find out status of my application. Attornery used his checks
            so I wont be knowing when they en cashed the cheks?
            Please advise

            PD# Jan 03 EB3
            I-140: approved
            Mailed From State: NY
            Mailed to (state NSC/TSC): NSC
            Received at (state NSC/TSC): NSC
            Transferred to TSC (state Yes/No): No
            485 Receipt Date:?????????
            485 Notice Date :????????
            FP Notice Received on: not yet


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              Tracking your application

              Your attorney should get the notice from the processing center (NSC in your case), unless the mail to address on your application states your own address. Get the the receipt number from him and check the status of your application on this website...


              You can also check what receipt dates are they processing as of August 16th, 2007 (they do update every 16th of the Month) ... http://www.immihelp.com/timings/tracking.jsp

              Hope these information helps!



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                how to use tracker

                can anyone please explain to me how to use the trckers. my gc application package based on marriage was sent chicago loxbox


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                  GC Approved

                  I cannot thank you enough for all the information you have shared. I was not an active member in this forum since I found out about it just a few weeks ago, but I wanted to thank you for the support you provide to all of us.

                  I am happy to announce that I have been approved today and wanted to shared the information with you so you can keep track. I don't know how to include this on the tracker, but still wanted to give it to you.

                  PD: Nov 09, 2004
                  Employment based ROW
                  RD: 07/23/2007
                  RFE: 02/15/2008 Employment Letter and Degree Diploma
                  AD: 02/29/2008
                  RD: 09/18/2007
                  RFE: 03/07/2008 Medical
                  AD: 04/08/2008

                  Thank you all from all my heart


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                    I-765 for Kids? It's necessary?

                    I want fill the I-130 and I-485 for my kids, but i'm no be sure to fill the I-765 for my Kids because they have 12 and 11 years and I think they don't need authorization to work ? If somebody know please let me know.


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                      Can you please tell me if anybody has got approved I-485 those who filed I-485 around last year ( July/Aug 2007) ???? ..My friend had received I-485, but he applied I-485 june 2007.

                      The reason I am asking one of friend had receive I-485 and approved without attending any inverview while their i-485 was pending...USCIS will ask interview while I-485 was pending ..Is this mandatory or they will send interviews randomly ...Please clarify if anybody in this case ...


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                        Adjustment of status

                        I am a month in California now and I am married to a US citizen for year and a half and I want to apply for an adjustment of status and also for employment authorization, my question is where do I start and what do I have to do ?

                        thanks in advance,


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                          Change of Status

                          came to US on B2 landed on 03/04/2008
                          got married to a USC on 03/22/2008
                          Filled I-485, I-765, I-130 & I-131 on 05/09/2008
                          Biometrics was on 06/04/2008
                          got initial evidence letter on 06/16/2008
                          got my I-131 on 07/31/2008
                          got my EAD on 08/05/2008
                          applied & got SSN on 08/16/2008
                          drivers license on 08/20/2008

                          on USCIS site the status of I-130 did not change from day one.
                          status of I-485 says,
                          On June 27, 2008, we received your response to our request for evidence.
                          We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you.

                          My question I-94 expires on 09/03/2008!

                          should i worry? do anything?

                          Thank you
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                            I -130 , pending want to file I 485

                            Hi ,

                            my spouse filled I -130 petetion for me in 2006 - she was GC holder at that time. I was in India.

                            I came to US on F1 Visa in 2007.

                            Till today I -130 is pending ( Pending : only received NOA I 797c )

                            Now my spouse will be US citizen in a week so based on her new status can i file new I -130 + I -485 and EAD all concurrently ? OR i have to wait till the pending I-130 gets approved ? OR i can cancel the present I -130 and start from scratch. ?

                            Please help as i called USC,,, but its not that helpful


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                              Originally posted by Dannyk
                              I am a month in California now and I am married to a US citizen for year and a half and I want to apply for an adjustment of status and also for employment authorization, my question is where do I start and what do I have to do ?

                              thanks in advance,
                              get this forms and fill it in with appropriate fees: I-485, I-765, I-130 & (if needed) I-131
                              and supporting forms from here