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Got my interview but NO ead

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  • Got my interview but NO ead

    Hi all,

    I have my AOS interview in less than a week I filed my paperwork in May 2019 but havent got any update on EAD after fingerprints were done. [Office is in NJ]

    and ofcourse I130 and Advance parole status is just "received"

    Have 2 questions:

    1. How to prepare for the interview or what should I expect? Anyone with recent experience can share that would be great

    2. Should I worry about EAD because they may not make any decision and I still wont be able to have ability to work?

    thank you in advance.

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    Did you have your interview?
    if so, could to say something about how it was it?
    my interview is 08/20 at Newark office and I’m sort of nervous.
    Did you get approved at your interview?


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      Mine is 21st.

      Please share your experience tomorrow.


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        I got my interview before the ead I got that like 4 months after the interview and it's been 10 months after the interview and I still not heard anything about it
        May 02, 18 - File all forms together
        May 02, 18 - Finger print fees received
        May 06, 18 - I-765 Return for missing signature and was mail back out same day
        May 11, 18 - I-765 Received
        May 18, 18 - RFIE
        May 29, 18 - Both finger print done
        June 5, 18 - RFIE Received
        Sep 21, 18 - Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview
        Sep 21, 18 - Interview Was Scheduled
        Oct 31, 18 - Interview complete
        Jan 18, 19 - EAD New Card Is Being Produced
        Jan 25, 19 - EAD Received in hand