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Doubts in submitting documents to USCIS

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  • Doubts in submitting documents to USCIS

    Hello everyone from the Forum

    I am in USA with B2 visa and now I'm "out of status" as I have been here for a year and a half. I recently married an American citizen and I am finalizing the application forms and preparing the documentation to send to USCIS to apply for my green card. I have some questions and please ask if anyone can help me:

    1 - All copies of documents, such as certificates and passport copies, should I make in PB or Color?

    2 - Some people talk to send copies of photographs together with the envelope of the forms, letters we send each other among other evidence of relationship. Would that be necessary, or do you think you should take them only on the day of the interview?

    3 - The money order I should send would be from any specific company or could it be from any company?

    Thank you for your attention and I hope to count on your help. Best wishes to all!

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    All the best with your application process. Being 'out of status' can be a bit problematic but hopefully you may get the other documents in, in time. Please see the list of things we submitted in our link below. In our original package, we submitted copies of our joint account statement, both tax documents, similar library cards, purchase receipts showing either debit cards, hotel bookings, marriage license, marriage pictures (we had a small wedding), and shared credit card statements along with labelled photographs with family, friends and ourselves, yes all with the USCIS forms and the check, Yes in our first package, it was a bit bulky. However, we loaded up even more with loads of similar and other supporting documents for the actual interview. We will be going ham for the removal of conditions in 2020. Please stay positive in all aspects. Keep an eye out for what they might say re' being out of status. All the best.

    July 18, 2017: Priority Date-Submitted-I130, I131, I485, I864, I765 to Chicago Lockbox
    August 15, 2017: Biometrics -Field Office-Kendall, Florida
    October 5, 2017: EAD received
    June 21, 2018: EAD Renewal Request received by USCIS
    July 5, 2018: Interview Date I797C notice received
    July 31, 2018: Interview date-Kendall, Florida
    July 31, 2018: Interview success: Immediate, ON THE SPOT, I485 approval
    Aug. 1, 2018: I130 approved
    Aug 3, 2018: Card is mailed to me (1485)
    Aug 8, 2018: GC in hand


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      I got my money order from the post office. Just them the amount you need and they’ll print it out for you. Take atleast $5 extra to pay for fees.

      all documents and any photocopies should all be done in color and decently legible

      I would recommend for you to send everything you have as it pertains to evidence. Photos, receipts, emails, chats from wats app, iMessage, messenger. Send everything. It gives the officer a good idea of your relationship and ample time to see all the stuff you have. So at the interview they’ll need less time to make a decision on wether to grant you a gc or ask for more evidence.
      Marriage AOS (from tourist visa)
      Received Nov 4th& Priority Date also Nov 4th
      I130 i485 & work permit (did not apply for travel documents )

      Nov 15 received 2 hard copies for NOA
      Nov 22 Received biometrics appointment Notice
      Biometrics done, Dec 2nd.

      Jan 6 2020 courtesy letter for missing medical (dated Dec 31 2019, mailed Jan 2nd 2020)
      Ready to be scheduled for interview (Jan 31st 2020)

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        Color copes are not required. They just need to be copied properly. On each form you sign saying all documents are proper copies.

        During the interview, the officer may ask for original to verify.

        SRC: i submitted all black and white copies, printed at home. Nothing was submitted in color. GC approved.