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Interview is canceled at interview date :(.(urgently)

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  • Interview is canceled at interview date :(.(urgently)

    Dear everyone,

    Right now I’m really stress with my status as below:

    I married with US citizen and we already get the interview date is Nov-18-2019. (Yesterday). I and my wife come to the interview office with my attorney . When all us come in small room of interview. She (staff of UScis) asked I and my wife give hand and swear. Then my wife has just sit down and I am preparing for seating too. She continues ask me “what do you thing you are saying ?” I should answer that “yes”. But, I don’t what happened in my mind I said that “I will tell truth”. She ask me again. But I still answer the same. I’m nervous. So, she said that I don’t know English and I need translator, she call for translator but can get anyone.

    So, she said that we should go home and bring translator in next times. Really I can speak English well. But, I don’t know what happened in my mind at that time.

    My attorney already explained her and ask whether we can come back the same day. But, she don’t approve. So, I can not finish my interview date . My interview will be rescheduled. But, I don’t know when I can get my interview date again.

    Im really stress right now. Anybody have the same my situation? Please advise me if you have any information when can I get my interview again.

    I filed and interviewed in Atlanta GA.

    Thank you so much !

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    TN1987 I believe a notice of a rescheduled interview date will be mailed to you soon. Wishing you the best!
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      I think they reschedule interviews if needed like this. I also believe you'll get your rescheduled interview letter soon. My wife's GC interview (for 2-year conditional) was canceled and rescheduled due to a rare weather occurrence here in New York. The only thing they did was give us a phone call and tell us verbally that the interview was canceled and rescheduled to another date 1 month later. We got no letter in the mail, email, or even a remainder other than that single phone call. Sure enough, when we arrived for the interview, everything was ready for us. They had been rescheduling a bunch of people the same day. Approved.
      --Good luck--
      Good luck. I learned the hard way, I hope you don't have to. Immigration is interesting. Not considered as legal advice.


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        I hope that. Thank you so much!