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Continuous Problems, Making Me Want to Cry

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  • Continuous Problems, Making Me Want to Cry

    Hey everyone, so I originally filed adjustment of status for my wife back at the end of January. Ended up forgetting to include the check in the package. Refiled as soon as they returned my documents at the beginning of March. Turns out the check I sent is for too much. I wasn’t aware until just now that we don’t have to pay for the 765. So now I have to wait again for my package to come back. My wife’s OPT ends in less than a month and I really don’t know what to do. This is honestly the most stressful thing for me. I’m sure we can resubmit before 04/19, but what happens then? Will she have to leave the country if we do not receive a receipt notice in time?

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    Also I should clarify, it is the grace period for my wife’s OPT that is expiring soon. We have wasted so many weeks waiting for our packages to be returned, all because of these filing issues. It’s breaking my heart


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      You shoud not waited for a first package as secound too. It’s waisted of Your time.
      Make sure you have a new forms, including I-944


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        Vivian, I was just reading about this actually! I am a citizen and you do not know how much of a weight this lifts off my shoulders to know that I don’t have to worry about a time restriction


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          Good thing you are a USC. Now relax a bit, read all the information, review all the forms and check the information on this forum. Ask any questions that you may have. It is not a hard process but you need to do everything right to have a smooth process. Good luck.
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          Day 5xx - no news (retrogression)
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            Relax and make sure to follow all instructions this time. You can also hire a lawyer who can help you prepare for the application, if you have the means.
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              As long as you are a citizen and she entered legally, she can stay, don't worry. BTW, find a good lawyer from now.
              NY Filer June 2018; Married; NO RFE / RFIE throughout the process

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              06/2018 PD
              06/2018 Biometric Captured
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              06/2019 Applied EAD Renewal
              10/2019 Interview was scheduled in Nov
              11/2019 Interview - Case was held for review
              01/2020 Sent an SR to push EAD Renewal
              01/2020 EAD Renewed no AP
              03/2020 Preparing to contact Ombudsman; didn't send eventually
              03/2020 130 and 485 approved; card received.

              665 days in total