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  • Unemployment

    Hi , I’m thinking to apply for unemployment but I don’t want to hurt my green card Sponsor.
    I have a 10 years Gc that I got last summer after being married with my Us spouse.
    When we applied we used a co sponsor and I don’t want to make her pay.
    I don’t know if it matters but I worked for the same restaurant for the last 5 years and they are closed now and told me to file for unemployment.
    Will this hurt my future process?
    From now I have some money saved but I don’t know how long this will go on.
    Matters if you have money in your account?

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    It will not affect the sponsor. The I-864 says that if the sponsor does not fulfill their obligations, and the beneficiary gets any covered "means-tested public benefit", the sponsor can be asked for reimbursement. Unemployment insurance is not "means-tested" -- you can get it no matter how high your income is.


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      Somebody else?? I wanna make sure that is ok to file .


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        Unemployment Insurance is not a public benefit.
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