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Should I skip I-864 and attach the social security earnings statement instead?

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  • Should I skip I-864 and attach the social security earnings statement instead?

    I-485 instructions mention that almost everyone has to file both I-944 and I-864. I-944 is no longer required starting July 30, due to a new court ruling. So next task is I-864

    For I-864, the instructions mention one exception:
    You may be exempt from filing Form I-864 if: A. You have earned or can receive credit for 40 quarters (credits) of work in the United States (as defined by the Social Security Act (SSA)), regardless of the immigrant category.
    This applies to me. So:
    1. Is it a good idea to skip I-864 and instead attach a statement for SSA? Does it hurt my case?
    2. How to get the statement: Attach the one downloaded from my SSA Account or get a certified one using this form? The certified requires money and wait time.

    If you have any prior experiences, I would love to hear!
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    I’d suggest, where possible, you submit I-864 even if it doesn’t apply to you. I’m saying this cos I’ve read on this platform where people were rejected severally for not including I-864 even when they shouldn’t be adding.
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      It used to be until february or so that you had to file i864w if you were exempt. USCIS now integrated this into i485. So you should not need to file i864 if you are exempt as this should now be covered in i485.



      NOTE: Form I-485 is now used to collect information previously collected on Form I-864W, Request for Exemption for Intending Immigrant’s Affidavit of Support. Adjustment applicants no longer need to file Form I-864W.


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        Thanks for the responses!

        000000 Do you know how to get the correct SSA Earning statements? I downloaded my "Social Security Statement" from https://ssa.gov . However, it lists my earning records by years, and not quarters. Should I get a more detailed one using Form SSA-7050 or Form SSA-7004?

        I also found this website which says that
        Since 1978, qualifying quarters are calculated on an annual rather than quarterly basis, meaning the Social Security Administration looks at the total amount earned over the course of the year, not specifically for each quarter (this is reflected in Social Security Earnings Statements, from 1978 or later). Therefore, 40 quarters is usually 10 years.
        If that's true, then I m a bit confused as to why USCIS still mentions the requirements in quarters

        In short, any idea what kind of earning statements have people submitted in their applications?


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          So you're the I-485 applicant? You would need to check the box in I-485 Prt 8 #62a to claim this exemption.

          This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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            Yes I am the I-485 applicant. Thanks for the reminder about Part 8 62a.