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Getting a drivers license with EAD

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  • Getting a drivers license with EAD

    Just a little heads up for everyone that recently got their EAD card and is trying to get a driver's license. My EAD got approved on 10/16/2020 and i received it on 10/23/2020. Anyways today i was trying to get my drivers license and the DMV couldn't verify it in the government data base that my EAD is approved, they said because its relatively new so they couldn't verify it. So i wasted 2 hours going there and waiting so they can tell me that they will give me a call when it clears up in the system. So i just wanted to give everyone a heads up they might face the sime situation so you might wanna wait a couple of weeks before you apply for your drivers license. Also Uscis's website for checking your case status its not updated as well maybe it has to do with all that.

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    Did you get your social security number yet? I believe once you your social security number the DMV will be able to verify you.
    Field Office: Hartford, CT
    PD: 5/21/2019
    Filed forms: I-130; I-485; I-765
    B1/B/2 married to USC
    5/21/2019: I-130 and I-484 received
    7/12/2019: fingerprint review complete
    8/29/2019: received rejected form I-485 due to bounced check
    9/11/2019: mailed new I-485 with new check and I-765
    10/22/2019: biometrics complete
    11/22/2019: ready to schedule interview
    12/18/2019: called USCIS and request exp on I-485
    12/20/2019: Expedite received and complete
    12/26/2019: I-765 approved


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      I got my drivers license in NYC and i do not have a social or Ead yet.

      basically you have to verify that you are a resident with a bill and stuff like that. It depends on the state
      07/07/2020 Application sent to USCIS
      23/07/2020 Checks have been cleared
      28/07/2020 Received 4 NOA receipts in the mail
      06/08/2020 RFIE arrived at the mail (photocopy of Birth Certificate was required with original stamps)
      25/08/2020 USCIS received RFIE and started to process again the application.


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        I had this issue before with one of my EADs. I had to call in and do a service request.

        You might be able to convince the office to do a SAVE request - instructions for Texas here: https://www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLice...ulPresence.pdf


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          I went in september to DMV with my new EAD+SSN , i got it together as a combo card, was no problem.SSN is one of the most requested documents at DMV, so dont get mad. the day you ll get it go again and should work perfectly.
          Good luck