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Is WIC a Public charge ?

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  • Is WIC a Public charge ?

    I am a US citizen and I have to apply for my spouse AOS. Currently I pregnant and not working , lost he job due to COVID. if I take the Woman Infant and children(WIC) . will this come under the public charge rule.


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    I think it depends on who is the primary applicant on WIC. If it is you, then no problem because you are US citizen.

    My Timeline:

    5/15: Filed I140/I485/I765/I131 concurrent (Employment Based) for myself and spouse
    5/18: Received at USCIS Texas lockbox
    6/1: Reject notices received for all, except I-140, due to missing I-944
    6/4: Re-filed and received I485/I765/I131/I944 at USCIS lockbox
    6/25: Received NOA receipts
    7/25: Received ASC biometric appointment notices for myself and my wife, scheduled for 8/03
    8/3: Biometrics completed
    8/4: Case status updated to "Finger prints applied"


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      Agree with mk2245. The public benefits question on Form I-944 only ask about the beneficiary's public benefits, so your husband's. If there is no benefit in his name, he should be fine. Similarly, debts questions in form I-944 only ask about beneficiary's debts. On the other hand, the assets questions ask about everyone in the household.
      F2A, Spouse of LPR. Center NBC. FO Seattle
      1/19/20 I-130 filed online
      8/10 I-485,I-131,I-765 sent (semi-concurrent filing)
      9/05 Received I-797 Receipts
      9/14 Received RFIE for lack of I-864 (even though I am EXEMPT)
      9/22 Responded to RFIE with I-864
      9/25 USCIS received the response to RFIE
      10/9 Received I-693 Deficiency Notice (no email notifications)
      11/13 Received RFE for lack of I-944
      11/20 Responded to RFE with I-944


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        If it’s the same as food stamps, then it depends on if adding your husband would increase the amount you receive every month.