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Can I just fly back for 1 day before 1 year rule?

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  • Can I just fly back for 1 day before 1 year rule?

    So I plan to go back to my home country for a bit to see what living in the "real world" is like over there.
    It's a month before I am about to fly out and since I don't really know when I will return exactly, I was looking at the re-entry permit and noticed the huge fee.

    I thought it would be free....but anyways after reading up more regarding it....the huge fee puts me off in filing as I really don't know how long I will be there for and it costs as much as a green card renewal which I recently did...

    So with that being said, I was wondering if there was an option of flying back to the United States for a day or even a week to "reset" the 1 year count and go back outside of the country?
    Thank you in advance.