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Green card with middle name and Indian passport without middle name

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  • Green card with middle name and Indian passport without middle name

    I recently got married in USA.. I kept my maiden name as my middle name n took husband’s surname as mine too.. now my green card has my middle name initial along with given name n driving license has full middle name in between given n surname..
    Now my Indian Passport is to be renewed n i don't know if to keep my middle name there too or just given name n married name..
    Would there be problem if i dont keep my middle name(which was my surname before marriage and is now my middle name on green card).. is it compulsory to have middle name on Indian passport??
    plz help. Its an urgent matter

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    I think the GC shows only the initial on the front but the full middle name on the back (if space allows).

    If you can get a passport with the exact name as your GC / driver license it will be better. If not, then you can always travel with a marriage certificate and GC / passport.
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