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Wrong spouse name in passport

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  • Wrong spouse name in passport

    There was an error in my passport application back in India 25 years ago where I mentioned my uncle’s 8 year old adorable daughter’s name in Spouse column as I thought it meant “beneficiary” and I listed her name as beneficiary to receive all my proceeds and property if I died in the US (she is not my wife). I even have her Birth Certificate to prove that she was just 8 years old when I applied for my passport.

    I married in the US to an American lady in 2000 who was aware of the error in my passport and before our marriage she spoke to my uncle and the little girl to confirm it was indeed an error. I had a child with my American wife and I was divorced after 7 years of marriage.

    The erroneous spouse name in my passport was my honest mistake that may cause some issues when I apply for US citizenship. Now that I'm divorced from my American wife and being single again, the correction involves only removing the erroneous spouse name from the passport.

    I see on CKGS passport form, there is no option to specify to "Remove Spouse Name due to Error". There are only options to add or remove Spouse name due to marriage or divorce/death which do not match my situation.

    Is it possible to remove the erroneous spouse name from my passport when I apply to renew it? What options should I choose on the form and what docs to send?

    My GC is in the IR-6 category due to marriage to a US citizen but I'm divorced now. My passport has my uncle's little daughter as spouse name due to the erroneous application 25 years ago. However, the passport form says I need to add my US National Spouse Name in my passport! Divorce does not change the GC category which is IR-6 as I got it during my marriage. When I wanted to add my US Wife's name to my passport during the 2007 renewal while i was married (there was no CKGS back then), I was told that I needed to visit India to make the change but now I'm divorced from my US wife and not supposed to add her as my current wife but the form says it is mandatory to add my US wife's name who is currently my EX. Why should I add my EX US wife's name as my spouse when I'm divorced from her now? What options should I choose while filling out the form under this section for my situation to delete the erroneous spouse name and set it to BLANK?


    On this specimen pre-filled form page 6, Spouse name is mandatory. It says, "In case you select married, divorced, widow or separated then please enter your Spouse’s Given Name (a combination of First name +Middle name) and Surname"

    Why would anyone use EX's name as spouse name if he is already divorced? Why do they need spouse name if I'm divorced? If my American ex wife's name was already entered as spouse in my passport (it wasn't), it makes sense to have it deleted now but the spouse name is entered as my uncle's little daughter from the beginning due to the filing error. That's like saying, "I'm divorced to my American wife, please delete my uncle's daughter name from spouse". Two different things.


    Expecting the above changes, can I file for Tatkal (expedited) processing?

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