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New Immigrant parents awaiting Green card after entering USA

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  • New Immigrant parents awaiting Green card after entering USA

    My parents entered USA as new immigrants . It has been more than 8 months and they are yet to receive the physical green card mailed to them.
    Is there anybody in the same boat who are awaiting green card to be mailed ? Also the I-551 stamp will expire in 4 months. Any suggestions whether my parents can stay legally in US after the expiry of I-551 stamp as we are still waiting for green card to be mailed. We get standard response by USCIS that the avg wait is 4 months to mail the green card.

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    They are permanent residents, and remain in legal status indefinitely, even if they have no card. I think what you are describing is not an "I-551 stamp", but rather the fact that their immigrant visa turns into an I-551 for one year after entry, and that one year ends in 4 months. They can always go into a USCIS office to get an actual "I-551 stamp" on their passport if they need proof of permanent residency while waiting for their card.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.