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    We have launched immigration and visa tracker at www.immihelp.com/tracker

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    Please Help!

    I am a Temporary green card holder that I got after marrying an american citizen. It has been more than 3 years that we are married. Things are not working out between us and I donot know if in case of separation/divorce I would be able to retain my permanent status .
    Please help me in this regard as its been 3 years that we are married and 2 years that I got my temporary green card.


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        check immihelp.com for temporary /Conditional GC....
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          re entry usa

          Originally posted by razztal
          hi every one i am out side of us more than 6 month i need legal advise. do you know any free legal servie who can give me free advise.then i can hire him


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            call legal aid


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              EB 5 Lawyers in Mumbai

              This is very effective way of getting Eb5 Visa.....
              EB5 investors get a green card soon after their applications are processed, as opposed to other employment based visa categories such as H1B, L1A and L1B. After getting a work visa under most categories an employee needs to be sponsored by his or her employer under employment based first (EB1), second (EB2) or third (EB3) category for a green card.

              An Eb5 investor does not need a sponsor in the United States. Prior to September, EB1 and EB5 categories were current, however in the September visa bulletin published by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) the priority date for EB5 was current whereas for EB1 it became January 2010, EB2 was February 2005 and EB3 was February 2005.


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                You may still be able to retrieve a permanent green card if you are having marital issues. Contact us to discuss your matter in detail.

                Thanks and Regards,
                Gehi & Associates
                Jackson Heights, NY 11372