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Am I a dual-citizen of the US and Australia?

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  • Am I a dual-citizen of the US and Australia?

    I'm 17 and was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. My parents however were Australian citizens and on that basis I received Australian citizenship and an Aus passport. I spent most of my life living in Singapore and Melbourne but would love to live in Boston someday. I'm worried though because I heard the US only allows dual-citizenship to Americans born abroad (unlike my opposite scenario). However I'm sure that parents renouncing the US citizenship and birthright of a minor isn't allowed either.

    Where does this leave me? Is it really as simple as me bringing my birth certificate to an embassy and getting a US passport in addition to my Australian one? Or has my citizenship been compromised? Thank you in advance.

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    Hah, you lucky duck. You have a US birth certificate, so all you do is take that as proof to the consulate. You'll have a US passport in no time. Check the website for the details.

    It's harder to get US citizenship if you're born ABROAD (many conditions must be met). YOU have been a US citizen since birth, and you're right that your parents could not have renounced it for you.

    You get to keep both your nationalities. Good luck.


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      could you please update if you don't mind? so Do you hold both nationality now? USA & Australia?
      All four of us (including two children) are Australian passport holders (by both children were born in Australia. We stay here in USA and hold Greencard. we are eligible now for US citizenship.

      We would like keep both nationalities. Any suggestion? Thank you for your time.