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How can I get FBI fingerprinting done from India?

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    Originally posted by krishan mallik View Post
    Hello guys! Just wanted to share that I took the services of IFSI (International Fingerprinting Services India). I called them at 9643014524 and visited their office at 45, Sukhdham, Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi. Their fingerprint expert is really professional and nice. They provided me my background check in 7 days through a approved Channeller and that too at a really low price. I will recommend them to everyone who is in need of a clearance certificate . Good luck guys!!
    I think company peoples advertising through this forum. They charge huge amount and i am regretting now with their services. Better to visit any other firm or do it yourself free of cost.


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      Beware - this may not be appropriate ---

      Originally posted by ashishknp View Post
      Hi All,

      I was checking and found expedite PCC report is possible through FBI Approved Channelers. They charge some extra money to provide the report but I believe they charge $50 that includes $18 fbi fee.

      It might help to the people who wants PCC report fast.

      I checked with many of the Approved Channelers - they said as per FBI guidelines it is not possible to get PCC through any private channeler for non-citizens (and without Green Card). I spoke to FingerPrintingServices, they charged around 11K for 1 person and requested that I get a US friends address for the documents to be mailed to. When I enquired about the FBI rule (barring non-citizens to utilize private channelers) their answer was not convincing. I would suggest that you keep away from such agencies and try to get the PCC directly from FBI rather than risk furnishing a false document or getting the document through illegal means.


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        Originally posted by Amit Shaha View Post
        They charge huge amount and misguide peoples. I will not recommend this firm.
        Neither would I, when I enquired they said they have an audit document that authorizes them to provide PCC services for non-citizens of US but cannot share the details with me.

        The answer was too dubious and I would not recommend anyone to utilize the services of such firms and put my entire immigration process at risk.


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          Hk pcc


          Did you get PCC from HK ? I need some advise on that front. I am from bangalore and i am applying for Canada PR . I need HK PCC since i had lived in there for 6 months.


          Originally posted by iauich View Post
          Hi Guys,

          I have offered a research position in Spain. For applying visa, I need to submit police clearance certificate for last 5 years, out of which 4 years, I was in Hong Kong. Now I am residing in India. To apply for PCC from Hong Kong, I am required to send HK Police, my fingerprints verified by Indian Police. (FYI I am from Delhi)

          In this regard, I took a copy of the email from HK Police asking for my fingerprints, to my area (Rohini) SHO, who sent me to DCP, who sent me to ACP crime branch Kamla Market. (this was not simple, all the police constables first did not let me meet directly to SHO or DCP, rather gave me individual/random advises to go to different offices, so my first day simply went circling around three offices.)

          Finally, ACP crime branch Mr. Vajpayee advised me that there is a Government Lab, Truth Lab in Safderjung Enclave who is authorized to take fingerprints and deal with such immigration matter on behalf of Delhi Police. They will charge INR 1500 plus service tax for doing all the work. He even called the lab for me instantly and made an appointment for me.

          Truth Lab works Saturdays and Sundays only for immigration matters.