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Foreign Registration process in India

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  • Foreign Registration process in India


    I am US citizen of Indian origin, currently, in India on PIO card which is valid for 15 years.

    According to regulations, if a person with PIO card is planning to stay in India for longer than six months, they have to go to Foreign Registration Office in India and get registered.

    I am planning to stay longer than six months in India, so I went to local Foreign Registration office to get registered. (Actually, it is Police Commissioner's Office )

    At the Foreign Registration Office, I was told that whenever I leave India to go to USA, I have to come to their Office in person, regardless wherever I am in India, to notify them of my exit from India, so they can give me an exit Certificate.

    My question is: Is it necessary for me to visit this particular office, regardless wherever I am in India, to notify them in person about my exit from India?

    The town where I live currently, is a small town and people at the Foreign Registration Office (actually, it is Police Commissioner's Office) do not seem to know the correct procedure.

    Do I have to follow what they are saying? If they don't know the correct procedure who should I contact?

    Please urgently reply the correct procedure in my situation.