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Returning back to India with US born Child

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  • Returning back to India with US born Child


    We (me, my wife and my newborn son) are planning to return back to India for good in few months. I would like to know which is the best way to deal with raising/educating my son in India. He is born in United States and we are already in the process of getting his US passport. We (me and my wife) hold H-1 and H-4 respectively.

    From what I read so far, it seems that PIO card (Person of Indian Origin) is the one which will allow my son to stay and get educated in India. Dual citizenship seems on hold right now. For PIO card holders, I see that if person's stay is longer than 180 days then I need to re-registar him -- does that mean I need to keep re-registaring him at Indian embassy every 6 months ???

    Is there any way to get citizenship and/or residenceship of India for my son ? -- like staying for few years to get elibile etc. ?

    Also, can you also point me to some reference site which can explain some necessary things to watch for before returning back (like closing Bank accounts in US, shipments/customs ?) etc.

    Thanks a lot!

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    You can find PIO card details at
    There is no Indian embassy in India. You have to register at local police station.

    You can get Indian citizenship for your son, but he will have to give up US citizenship.
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