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Customs tax for goods Purchased online in the US and sent to India

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  • Customs tax for goods Purchased online in the US and sent to India

    I just wanted to know, that if I purchased a Camera from an online store in the US and had it shipped by UPS (United States Postal Service) to India, would I be expected to pay any customs duty for it, and if yes how much would I have to pay?

    Also, where would I have to pay the customs duty? Will I have to collect the goods form somepoint after paying the duty or will the goods be delivered to me and then I pay the duty.

    Has anyone purchased good online so far in the US and have sent them to India. Whats been your experience.

    My camera costs US$ 234 inclusive of shipping.

    The last time I had someting delivered from the US was a book. It came by DHL, but was sent by someone from the US to me. So i'm not sure of the taxes etc etc.

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    Its very easy to send stuff by USPS to India..
    1. Pack it up nicely in a box and fill packing material.
    2. Remove the camera from the original casing and wrap it in paper towels.
    3. Do not include any receipts or mauals. Just the camera, adapter & usb cord.
    4. You need to fill out a white customs form that you get in the post office. dont write the actual amount. e.g. used camera gift - $20
    5. Mail it by "Airmail letter post". costs $15/lb.