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Moving 2 India - Citizenship or Not?

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  • Moving 2 India - Citizenship or Not?


    My family (me, my wife and 2 kids) is contemplating moving to India for good early next year (April 2017) due to a family situation. Me and my wife are both GC holders and eligible to apply for citizenships and both our kids are US citizens by birth.

    At this juncture we are thinking as to whether we both need to apply for US citizenship (couple of reasons: say , in another 10 years our situation changes or our kids as they become older want to move here and we want to settle down around our kids etc.).

    Doubt i have is: would having US citizenship for both of us help or is it enough that one of us have the US citizenship (and the other applies for the GC when there is a permanent plan for relocation). I think that me not pursuing US citizenship (and just having my wife get that) would benefit a lot in terms of employment opportunities, property management etc? In the future if we plan to relocate back to US, my wife can apply for my GC etc?

    What is the common opinion? I am confused on what should be the right course of option. Any pointers please?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    I am not an Indian national, so pardon my ignorance. Can't you just quietly apply for US citizenship without explicitly renouncing your Indian passport? You could travel to India on your Indian passports without flashing your fancy US passports around.

    Having one parent become a US citizen would make sense if not or he mortality risk. That is, if the US citizen spouse were to die there would be no way for the other spouse to gain US residency other than by waiting for your child to reach age 21 then sponsor you (then wait for your priority date to become current).

    I imagine it makes sense for you both to gain US citizenship but go on living in India as if you are sill Indian citizens