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Going back to India with US born kids

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  • Going back to India with US born kids


    I am planning to return back to India in January. I am currently on h1b which is expiring by January end. I have two kids born in USA. First one is 6 year old with PIO card and US passport. The second one is new born with just US passport, no PIO/OCI card. Applying for OCI card need at least 3 months of validity on visa so I am not able to get OCI CARD FOR THEM.

    Can someone advise what do I need to do to travel back to India for good?
    1. Can my elder son travel based on PIO CARD?
    2. What visa does my younger son need to travel to India.


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    1. Yes, but confirm by calling CKGS. You can get the number on their website.
    2. I had an infant travel with me back to India recently.
    From what I read on immihelp website, I was supposed to apply for entry visa since my kid is person of indian origin. I did and paid $240 or something.
    My brother was in exact same situation but he applied for tourist visa for his kid and paid $120 something.
    We both got five year visa.
    I believe entry visa lets you stay longer and tourist does not.
    However, if it saves you half the money and you are not going there for a long time, I don't see why we should pay more for same visa.
    This is my personal experience.