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Selling a car while in India

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  • Selling a car while in India

    I had to leave US and come back to India for some urgent matters and it looks like I will be here a while. So some of my affairs were still pending, including my car there. I had given my signed title to my friend , also finalized a deal with dealer who was gonna pickup the car. But turns out the title needs to be notarized and I didn't know that. Now I am in India and the dealer is refusing to pick car without notary seal. Can someone please guide me on this matter, i.e. how to proceed?

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    Please share your experience for this scenario.
    What you did? How you managed it.

    Your experience would be of immense help to us.



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      I know it is very easy to sell a car if it is in good condition. It is also important what kind of car you are selling. If these are mid-range sedans, or something similar that has high liquidity, then you can easily sell the car. It is much more difficult to sell an exclusive car, or not a practical one.
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        Signing the car title on the back in front of a notary is a requirement.
        You should ask the dealer about alternates since you are already in India.
        A document signed in front of a notary or judge in India mat not even be recognized in the US
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