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PIO to OCI conversion from India

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  • PIO to OCI conversion from India

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to convert my Kid's PIO Card to OCI from India. I have completed Part A & Part B sections at https://passport.gov.in/oci/capchaActionPIO.
    I still need to upload my documents as PDF.
    I am not sure on, What are the next steps i need to do after uploading the documents. Do I need to visit FRRO office with Web File Number & documents..?
    Or No Action needed from side, Once I upload Scanned Documents.
    Can someone please suggest me the next steps here..?

    Thank you,

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    Originally posted by kathipavan View Post
    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to convert my Kid's PIO Card to OCI from India. I have completed Part A & Part B sections at https://passport.gov.in/oci/capchaActionPIO.
    I still need to upload my documents as PDF.
    I am not sure on, What are the next steps i need to do after uploading the documents. Do I need to visit FRRO office with Web File Number & documents..?
    Or No Action needed from side, Once I upload Scanned Documents.
    Can someone please suggest me the next steps here..?

    Thank you,

    First of all, I'd really like to thank the ones who contribute to this forum as this gave me a slight idea of what to expect and i was not completely lost on the procedures to follow to get my documentation in place. I have been reading the forums here and seriously I thank you all from the bottom of my heart guys! Now, I would like someone else to benefit from my experience and gain knowledge just like I have from reading this forum.

    Let me start off with the scenerio. I was born in US and have lost my US PP and my PIO. PIO gets discontinued so I have to apply for OCI. This was the worst experience of my life with the OCI card but at last, the "golden" OCI Card is in my hands now.

    April 2018: Filed an FIR online for Lost US PP and PIO with Paperless Pune Smart Police Station on https://punepolice.co.in/lost-found/. Printed out the report

    Sep 8, 2018-Went online on https://in.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen...ces/passports/ and filled out the forms online and made an appointment. I printed the forms out and the appointment letter

    Sep 18, 2018- I traveled from Pune to Mumbai and went to the US Consulate in Mumbai. My appointment was at 8:45 am and I reached 8:30 am. I went through security clearance and then was given a temporary visitor card. I walked all the way in and then went to the counter. The process was very fast and quick. I just had to submit copies of my US PP and Birth Certificate along with the forms. I was told to go the next counter and pay 10730 for a new replacement adult passport and was asked for any type of Indian Government Issued Identification. I gave her my PAN Card. I just waited 15 mins and got a receipt and went to the Fedex guy that sits on the side. I paid 450 rs for an envelope and was handed over the Fedex label. I waited another 15 mins and was called by the blonde lady and swore an oath that I lost my US PP. The whole process with the immigration officer lasted only 5 mins and she returned my PAN Card and told my New PP will be delivered in 10 working days. This whole procedure only took just a little over an hour and I was out the door and on my way back to Pune

    Sep 26, 2018- Received My US PP right to my door in the evening

    Sep 27, 2018- Went online to https://ociservices.gov.in/welcome and clicked on "OCI Registation(In Lieu of Lost PIO-Card) and filled out Part A and B of the application. , The application was successfully submitted and then I got an email from [email protected] saying

    "Dear ________,

    Thank you for completing Part-B of OCI- Application on (Date) (TIME)

    Your File-number is XXXXXXXXXXXX for all future reference.

    Please upload relevant documents as it is mandatory for complete OCI-registration. Please ignore if already uploaded.

    This is a system generated email. Please do not reply on this email-id.

    I uploaded my passport photo and documents like my New US PP, Lost FIR Report, and my US Birth Certificate which clearly showed that my Dad was born in India. Submitted my application and printed out the application.

    Sep 28, 2018- Made a trip from Pune to Mumbai to the FRRO Mumbai Office. Reached at 9:00 am as the office opened at 9:30 am. The OCI Office is located on the 3rd Office. Take the lift and after you reach the 3rd floor, take a left and go the guy who sits on the desk and make the entry and take a token. Took a token and I was the 5th one in line. Got called, submitted my token and went inside the OCI Cell. The guy who dealt with me greeted me warmly and very nice and offered me water as I was nervous. I took out my document file and he asked for :

    -Copy of My New US PP
    -Copy of My Previous US PP
    -Copy of My Expired Residential Permit
    -Copy of My Birth Certificate
    -Copy of Father's Deemed Surrender Certificate(But I did not have this, So I had to email this after asking my father to send it to me, Without this, I would not have got my OCI Processed as the OCI officer informed me)
    -Copy of my Employment Appointment Letter
    -Copy of FIR
    -Copy of Lost PIO Card (But I did not have that, he said it is fine as I had my PIO Details mentioned on my Expired Residential Permit
    -Copy of my Rent Agreement
    -Demand Draft of Rs 5500(They do not take cash or card at all so ensure without fail you come with demand draft)

    The guy smiled to me and then told me it will take 2.5 months-3 months for my OCI to be ready to collect/

    I went back to Pune and kept tracking the OCI Card Status on https://ociservices.gov.in/welcome>Status Enquiry. But still it said "UNDER PROCESS". I kept wondering when will that status change and got worried.

    Oct 30th- I got a call from a nice FRRO Pune for OCI Verification.The lady officer told me to bring my documents that I submitted in FRRO Mumbai a month earlier. I did that and she handed me a "Verification Certificate" form to submit to my local police station. On the same day around 4:30 pm, I went to my local police station and showed them the form that I wanted to process but they said "That is done Online, All that is done online" and did not even bother to help me. I called the FRRO Pune Lady and informed her the situation and she said you have to keep trying and told me to ask them what to do.

    Oct 31st- Went to my local police station again and they told me the same thing. They also told me to read the blue board before speaking about what I need. The blue board read: Passport Copy, Visa Copy, Society Letter, Tenant Information Form, Rent Agreement, PP Size Photo, Verification Form. I informed the FRRO Pune Lady about the same and said "I will speak to my boss and see what to do". I kept calling the FRRO Lady and she kept saying the same thing" I still have not spoken with my boss"

    Nov 14th- FRRO Lady Officer gave me a call and just told me to meet her. She said "I have spoken to my bosses and managed to clear your verification without getting the "Verification Certificate" done from the police station. Then she told me to come out of the office and have tea. She said "You have lost your PIO and do not even have copies of the PIO, it is very difficult to get you clear but if you give me "something" , my boss and me will be happy to process your verification so you get your OCI Card quickly. I slipped a significant about under the table to her and placed it my PP and she took from my PP. After that was done, she said "Now I will clear your verification but I do need signatures from my higher bosses so it will take a week to get all the necessary signatures and submit my file to FRRO Mumbai.

    Nov 23rd: I got a call from the FRRO Lady that the form has been submitted to Mumbai and do not worry. She also mentioned to me that my OCI will be processed super quick and I will have my OCI in my hands before the end of the year.

    Now I will show you a snapshot of my OCI Status Enquiry Page after the status changed from "UNDER PROCESS" to "PROCESSED"

    OCI Status-Report
    OCI-Application Status Details (as on 27/12/2018 04:28 PM IST)

    Applicant Name XXXXXXXXXX
    File Acknowledgment Number XXXXXXXX
    Date Of Acknowledgment 29-SEP-2018
    Registration Status at Mission FRRO MUMBAI
    OCI- Number XXXXXXX
    Documents Printing Status PROCESSED On 12-DEC-2018
    Dispatched From MEA (OCI ) NEW DELHI On 14-DEC-2018
    Document received At FRRO MUMBAI On 21-DEC-2018

    Dec 25th- Got an email from [email protected] saying my OCI Card is ready for collection. But I will just show you a brief screenshot of the email that has been sent to me so everyone knows what to expect. If you do not get email after 15 days the OCI Card reaches whatever FRRO Office you have submitted the application in, you can call the FRRO Office and enquire or just directly go the Office within the work timings.

    Intimation of ready OCI card for issuance.

    This is to inform you that OCI card of,MR ____________ (File No: XXX/PIO TO OCI//XXXXX ), is ready for issuance at this office (OCI card no. XXXXXX date of issue XX/XX/XXXX) The applicant is requested to collect the above OCI card, either in person or through an authorized person (other than agent/legal assistant) at the earliest.

    You will need to produce current passport, PIO card of the applicant in original for its matching with the OCI card. In case authorized representative is being sent to our office to collect the OCI card he should carry on authorization letter from the applicant and his own photo ID proof, in addition to applicantÂ’s original passport, PIO card. If OCI card is in r/o a minor, one of the parents can collect the OCI card on his / her behalf without bringing the child if the child has been already brought to this office at the time of submission of OCI applications.

    Please also bring soft/hard copy of this e-mail or / and online status report at the time of collection of OCI card for reference and easy service.

    Office Address:- OCI Cell, DCP, SB-II CID & FRRO office, Annex Bldg., IIIrd floor, Badruddin Tayyabji Marg, Behind St. Xavier's College, Mumbai 400001, Ph no:- 022-22621167

    Collection timings:- 0930hrs.-1300hrs (Working days: Monday to Friday; 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays of the month, Closed on Sundays and Govt holidays)

    Sep 26: Made another trip to Mumbai from Pune and reached at 8:30 am for collection of my OCI Card. Went to the 3rd Floor at 9:10 am and took a token and made an entry. My token number was the 3rd. Very quickly, i got called and submitted my Token No and went inside. The OCI officer recognized me and greeted me and asked for the following:

    -Acknowledgment Receipt of OCI-VERY IMPORTANT
    -FIR Copy-VERY IMPORTANT in Lost PIO/OCI Cases)

    Showed the documents and OCI Officer went in to the locker and pulled out my OCI. Before giving it, he checked my demand draft status and saw that it expired and said that I need to give another fresh demand draft of Rs 5500 and my expired demand draft will be returned. I told him that I do not have a cheque book on me as this was out of the blue and he said that I should have read the Acknowledgement Receipt.

    It said under the OCI Card collection section "To avoid inconvenience please always come to this office after getting our email or making necessary enquiry at this office(by any modes). Ask about the status of Demand Draft which is submitted with OCI Application, as to whether it has been encashed by OCI Office Mumbai"

    I was so frustrated that I did not enquire about the DD earlier but the OCI Officer told me there is Corporation Bank just right below the office and when I come, I do not have to wait in line, I can just come directly. I went to Corporation Bank and the it was closed. Decided to wait till 10:30 am but a security officer came and told me it is closed due to a 5 days bank strike. I was so angry and called the OCI Office and the officer told me it is necessary for the demand draft otherwise I cannot get my OCI Card. I was so pissed and went to the YES Bank Branch in Dhobi Talao and informed the lady that I do not have my cheque book with me but I am a YES Bank A/C Holder. They told me to go the Marine Drive Branch as their DD printer is not working due to a short circuit that happened some days earlier. I took a cab again and went to the Marine Drive Branch at 12:00 pm and got my DD processed after showing my Aadhar Card to them for identification proof. Took 20 mins to process the DD and took the DD and ran to take a cab back to the FRRO Office OCI and ran to the 3rd Floor and just went straight inside the OCI Cell Office even when that guy outside said "There are applicants inside". The OCI officer said it is fine and took my DD right away and handed me my previous DD and handed me my OCI Card. After that, he told me once i get my PP renewed, I just need to have my old PP and New PP at that time along with the OCI Card and I will be fine. He also said once I turn 50, I have to apply for new OCI Card completely and go through this whole process again and after I get that OCI Card after 50 yrs old, it will be valid lifetime.

    I breathed a sigh of relief of all the tension I had for the past few months as I have gone through hell to get this OCI Card. A day later went to my Pune Yes Bank Branch with my Old DD and got it cancelled and refunded to my A/C. What an experience!!! Just wanted to give a few useful addresses and tips for any anyone who needs help in their OCI journey.

    Important Addresses That Were Of Use To Me

    US Consulate General Mumbai- C49, G Block Rd, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051

    FRRO Mumbai-OCI 3rd Floor, 78/1, Badaruddin Tayabji Marg, Dhobi Talao, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Area, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra

    FRO Pune: Agarkar Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411001((OCI section is when you go in the office and there is an pathway to the right. Take the right then you will see an office inside and you go inside and ask for the OCI Section but remember this office is not for applying for OCI it is just for the verification once you get the verification call from the FRO Pune OCI Officer)

    Lastly some tips for you all

    -If you are more than 1 person for OCI, ensure you have more than 1 demand draft of whatever the amount in my case it was 5500. So theoretically speaking if there are 3 ppl that you are applying for, then take 3 separate demand drafts of 5500. Once you are about to collect the OCI, ensure you ask for the status if it is ready to collect or you get an email. Do not forget to ask about the Demand Draft like I did otherwise it is a huge inconvenience and sad moment when you find out your demand draft has expired and then you will again have to go and get a fresh demand draft. It is very annoying so please do not go that way guys


    OCI Card Collection: Check the status online on the website and keep tracking. Once it says "DOCUMENT RECEIVED AT FRRO ____ DATE XX-XX-XXX, give some days as your OCI Card has internal signatures needed which takes about 3-4 w days. Before collecting, ensure you enquire by phone or email if the OCI Card is ready for collection and the status of your demand draft. If they inform you that your DD has been expired, be sure to get another demand draft when you collect your OCI Card and ask for your old DD. Good luck everyone, I hope this description of my experience has helped you all. I am sorry this was so long as I was typing from my phone. But I wanted to be as detailed as I can so all can benefit from my experience which I will never forget in my life.


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      Hi Members,

      This is my first post on this forum, so greetings to all!

      We are a family of Indian Origin British citizens (2 adults, 2 children) residing in Pune on a PIO card, and are about to apply for conversion to OCI this week.

      I have some queries about the same:

      1. I found 2 sites for PIO to OCI conversion, both have a different process and different guidelines for documents etc, https://indianfrro.gov.in/eservices/home.jsp and https://ociservices.gov.in/welcome, which one is the right one to follow from India?

      2. My daughters' UK passport has been renewed, the passport number mentioned on the PIO card is the old one not the new one. Is it still OK to apply for conversion to OCI? Or do I have to go for a fresh OCI application?

      3. Do we have to carry notarised copied of documents with us for the submission at Mumbai FRRO or self-attested copies are OK?

      4. Are there any limits on how many submissions will be taken on a day, we will be travelling from Pune so would like to be sure our submission happens on the day. What time should I aim to reach?

      5. Does my wife need to join, with the kids, or I can do the submission myself at the Mumbai FRRO?

      6. I was told at Pune FRRO that I would need 4 demand drafts, but I see on the indianfrro portal that the payment is now online, I am confused. Anyone with a recent experience please guide.

      7. Also at Pune FRRO they told me that Pune and Mumbai FRRO are open on 1st and 3rd Saturdays, is this true? Do they give me an appointment slot at the end of the application process, or you just walk in?

      8. My address proof is an online printed copy of Electricity bill, hope this is accepted as a valid proof?

      9. Finally, on my kids form they have asked for identification marks, but the kids do not have any, can I write NONE for the same?

      Please guide forum, your inputs will be highly appreciated.