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  • Something silly but imp

    I am phasing a very silly situation.
    I am a female, who is in usofa till last week h1b holder...
    now in india for a holiday of 3 weeks,
    I have to get my head shaved completely (tonsure), due to prayer in tirupati.
    which i probably cant postpone.
    Now my question is , when i go back to usofa will it be an objection at port of entry.
    I know this question might look silly,
    but would really like to know if any one come across any such similar situation, may be the hair style in visa/passport is different from the hair style at the time of going to usofa..

    Thanks in advance

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    me too

    hi sg,

    I am also a female with H1 visa in USA. Next month, I am going to India on a vacation as well get my head tonsured in tirupathi during the visit. Can you please tell me would they mind hairstyle diff at the time of port of entry while coming back? Have you come back without any problem?



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      Can any one reply to these questions?


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        I (Male) traveled just after 15 days of shaving my head. I did not face any problems at port of entry in US. In India, the immigration officer asked me to take out my cap, spectacles to make sure I am the same person holding the passport. Hope this helps.
        Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, just sharing my point of view.


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          Thank you COol_r2j


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            I have a sikh friend who at one point didnt wear the turban and had a hair-cut but later had the turban.it did not pose any problems at all. Those guys can make out if you are a diff person ..hair-cuts or shaving doesnt matter.
            Note that this is not a legal advice. Consult your immigration attorney for the best upto-date information.