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Tax filing for L1A

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  • Tax filing for L1A


    I came to US on L1A visa in July 2009. My employer is paying a part of my salary in India(giving an Indian payroll slip) and the remaining is paid as perdiem here, for which I am not given a payroll slip. I am facing a difficulty in getting my Driver's License in US. I was asked to show a state proof(like a payroll slip) for obtaining my license. I recently have received my SSN#. I was told by a couple of people that I need to start filing the tax returns in US if I have a social. Can somebody guide me on how to proceed in this case? Should I ask my employer to generate a payroll slip for the amount that he
    is currently paying me as a perdiem so that once I start receiving my payroll cheques, I can obtain my Driver license and start filing my tax returns from year 2010. Should I also have to file my tax returns for year 2009?

    Pls suggest


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    Because of their income to the IRS (all of it) need to start reporting that now you are working in the U.S.. On American soil any work done as an employee subject to U.S. taxation, first, whether the payment is paid off shore.