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Need Help - Returning to India and might come back in some couple of Months

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  • Need Help - Returning to India and might come back in some couple of Months

    Hi All

    My L1 extension was denied so I need to Travel back to India .But due to COIVD I am still in US and my organization has allowed me to stay back till travel restriction are lifted off.Needless to stay they following USISC guideline to change my status to avoid unlawful presence

    There is visibility of me coming back to US (Not sure though on timelines)

    With that context

    I need help & Guidance with following
    • What is the cooling period for me to re apply for L1 from India
    • Should I close or keep my back account/Credit card open .
      • If Open if I do not come back can I close them from India ?
      • If close , whats impact to credit history (Anything major )
    • whats best way to keep my US Cell number active ?Currently I have one prepaid personal number with MintMobile and one Official number ...which more likely I might have to surrender
    Thanks in advance

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    Why was the L1 extension denied ?

    Once you return, assuming you have not completed the max 7 yrs on L1, your company can apply for it again. Upon approval, you will go through the visa stamping process at the Consulate.

    You say you may come back in the near future. So keep the credit card and bank account open.
    For bank account, call the bank to understand the minimum amount needed to avoid any monthly charges.
    For credit card, it will eventually expire or the account get closed if not used atleast once a year (but this again depends from card to card)

    Closing a credit card will have an impact on the credit score but this depends on the available credit, your debt to income ratio, etc etc.... Don't worry too much about it.

    I would suggest you close the cell phone services and get a new number when / if you return. The only way to keep a number is to pay for the service / abide by the terms of that cell carrier
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.