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Relocation Tips - How to get started

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  • Relocation Tips - How to get started

    International relocation doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you plan well. One of your first steps, of course, should be to check out what your country of destination has in terms of red tape regarding requirements for entry or immigration, prohibited items and other restrictions. You can find out what you need to know by contacting the country’s US Embassy or Consulate.

    You will want to choose a reliable company for your international shipping needs, and allow them to pack for you as well. As moving day draws nearer, choose what to take and what to leave behind in order to save on cost, as well as in compliance with what you discovered through prior research. On moving day, be ready for the packers and movers from the international shipping company, as they will best know how to pack your items in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

    You may want to put together several items for the movers in its own carton or cartons labeled “Priority Unload” or “Unload First” so that you will have these things before anything else – such as toilet paper, snacks, coffee, flashlights, or other accessories you may think you need before all your other stuff comes off the truck. The arrival of your items may depend on whether you are using ocean shipping or air shipping, so to be prepared for the delay of some items may be a good way to think ahead.

    As for stuff you want to keep with you as you travel, make sure that you have it safely secured, possibly in its own box or boxes. Put on a label so that it isn’t packed and shipped when the packers and movers arrive. You should carry some of your most valuable items with you, as well as personal records, in order to make your transition smooth.

    A Trusted shipping company must be internationally certified by all the agencies like IAM, AMSA, MOVERS.COM, etc. The more, the merrier. From this, you will know their credibility, quality, and consistency. It means that the company has used the standard packing materials, inventory and shipping processes widely used by all of the shipping companies in the world. The satisfaction of the customer is so important because it represents the commitment of the company to make a shipment successful. They have to treat your shipment well.

    Disclaimer : The above information is for your educational purposes only. I do not take responsibility for the content of this publication.