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Relocating? Do your research first.

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  • Relocating? Do your research first.

    If you are moving from one country to another, it is important to do some research on international relocation in advance. Planning ahead will help you to have an efficient and safe move. It will also help to relieve stress and worry.

    Your first task in acquiring an international shipper is to make sure you get a reliable and realistic quote of how much it is going to cost. This almost absolutely means that the shipper needs to come and visit your home, assess what you have, and give you a quote that is based on this assessment. You do not want to be surprised by extra costs or hidden costs by companies that intentionally quote low and charge high.

    After comparing the quotes of several companies, you can get a very realistic sense of how much the move is really going to cost you, then go with the company that meets that price. Whatever you do and no matter how tempting it is to you, do not simply accept the cheapest quote; it may end up being the most expensive in the long run.

    Provide your shipping agent with a full inventory of all the belongings you plan to ship, and make sure that the quotes you receive include all the final charges as well, such as fuel surcharges, materials, or other various additional costs. (Once you have an inventory, stick to it, as well, or you may invalidate your quote!) The agents that provide extremely low quotes are likely to tack on hidden charges in order to balloon the bill.

    Lastly, it is also very important to choose a company that is trusted, well-known and reliable, as well as licensed and that offers insurance, as well.

    A Trusted shipping company must be internationally certified by all the agencies like IAM, AMSA, MOVERS.COM, etc. The more, the merrier. From this, you will know their credibility, quality, and consistency. It means that the company has used the standard packing materials, inventory and shipping processes widely used by all of the shipping companies in the world. The satisfaction of the customer is so important because it represents the commitment of the company to make a shipment successful. They have to treat your shipment well.

    Disclaimer : The above information is for your educational purposes only. I do not take responsibility for the content of this publication.