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Questions regarding moving to India.

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  • Questions regarding moving to India.

    I am Suresh, working in Canada for past 5 years holding Permanent Resident status.

    I am eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship, before applying I have few clarifications to be made. After getting the foreign citizen, if I come and stay in India for quiet sometime what will be the difference I would face over the Indian Citizens in below cases,

    1. To get a gas connection, I knew that with Ration card the Gas price is different and without its different price.

    2. How about my kids education, if they are going to treat as NRI, what % of increase it will be on their Fees?

    3. Getting a Vehicle or Life Insurance or Auto Insurance, will there be any difference in the premium over the same plan against Indians?

    4. In case getting any kind of loan like housing loan, personal loan, etc will there be any difference in the interest rate?

    5. Is there taxation policy different for Indian over the OCI? Whether i could able to get PAN card?

    I am really waiting to get clarification for these queries, your earliest response will be much appreciated.


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    1. Not sure.
    2. Just about what you would pay in Canada in private school.
    3 & 4. Shouldn't be.
    5. In India, taxation is determined by residency status and not citizenship. Therefore, no difference. Yes, you can get PAN Card.

    If you really want to go back to India, why bother taking Canadian citizenship anyway? What does that get you?
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      Thanks for your response.

      Even i am not sure whether will there be any benefit by getting Canadian Citizenship. That is oneof the reason for arising these questions, only benefit i could able to see is that if i wanted to comeback again, that will be of help right? If you could able to provide me anyother information on the pros & cons of getting Canadian citizenship, that will be of great help to make my decision.

      Thanks again for your help.