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  • Unpaid Tuition fees


    I started my doctoral degree in a university in ohio in 2009. I had a research assistantship position to support me. But I had a family emergency in India and so discontinued from the degree there a month before the end of second quarter there. I have since started a new doctoral program in another country(I am not in the US anymore).

    Now after 2 years, I received a bill for unpaid tuition fees of around $12,000 from the US university, sent to my international address in India. I cannot afford this amount and also I feel I need not pay this fees. I worked the full 20hrs/week in the research assistant position almost till the end and I also did not receive my stipend for the last month of the quarter as I had discontinued. I find it totally unfair to make me liable to the whole quarter's fee for just discontinuing one month earlier. Also, I do not require any transcripts or degree from the university as I am already on my way to getting my degree from another country.

    I do not have plans to return to the US for education or business in the near future but I do have plans to visit US for tourism. Could someone please tell me if there are any consequences for this situation with unpaid fees and what can be done about it?