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  • Canada visitor visa help

    Hello all,

    We need some help / advice.

    We submitted a request to the Canadian high commission for a visitor visa. I’m Indian and my spouse is British. We are applying from Uk via the online process.
    The full application was submitted on 21st April 2019 and completed the biometrics on 29th April.
    We are due to fly out in 2 weeks time and we’ve yet to hear any progress on the application since the completion of the biometrics.
    We've chased online using the web form however no response received. There is no number we can call to chase them.

    please help, what should we do?

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    Hello Drhitz.

    After the bi metric procedure is completed the docket containing complete details is sent to the embassy for further perusal VFS Global as medium. They provide a tracking number to keep a check on step-wise progress on your case. That tracking number can be used to check status on the website https://www.icascanada.ca/returning/file-status.aspx .

    Hope above does help you.