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  • About atlantic immigration pilot program

    The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) is simply a way to get permanent residency for international graduates and foreign workers with great skills who wish to live and work in the four Atlantic provinces of Canada.
    • Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Nova Scotia
    • Prince Edward Island
    • New Brunswick
    This program is entirely based upon the choice of the employers of Atlantic Canada, who wish to hire qualified applicants as they cannot find promising candidates to fulfill the job requirements on the local basis.
    Therefore, in order to immigrate under the AIPP to Atlantic Canada, a candidate must possess a graduate degree from any of the public funded institution of Atlantic Canada or the applicant must attain the necessary skills as a worker in order to meet all the requirements of this program. However, a candidate, with all the complete requirements, can be a person who is residing abroad or someone who is temporarily living in Canada.
    It is essential that a candidate must obtain a job offer from a specific employer in order to become eligible for this program. Therefore, on receiving the offer from an employer
    • Candidate should ask for a copy from employer about his/her ‘Confirmation of Designation’
    • If they are not already designated, then the candidate must tell the employer about the AIPP and ask them to become designated
    The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is divided into 3 sub-programs
    • Atlantic International Graduate Program
    • Atlantic High-Skilled Program
    • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program
    Therefore, the employer has the capacity to hire a candidate through these sub-programs. A candidate may be eligible for more than a single program; however, he or she is restricted to apply through any one program only.

    A candidate must:

    Have a diploma, degree or other credential from a recognized publicly funded institution of Atlantic province

    Have stayed in the Atlantic province for minimum 16 months in the 2 years prior to attaining the diploma, degree or any other credential

    Take a language test in order to ensure communication in English or French language

    Show that he or she can support oneself along with the family on coming to Canada

    Note: International graduates who are hired via AIPP do not require work experience
    A candidate must:

    Have worked for about 1 year at least at any professional, management or skilled/technical level

    Possess at least a high school diploma or credentials equivalent to it from Canada

    Take a language test in English or French to ensure communication
    A candidate must:

    Have been employed in a job for at least 1 year that demands job specific training or a high school education

    At least hold a diploma from any Canadian high school or equivalent education

    Take English or French language test for communication purpose

    Provide proofs that he or she can support his/her dependants
    In order to qualify for AIPP, the candidate must have been offered a job from a designated employer.
    Once the job is offered, the designated employer will provide a form related to “Offer of Employment to a Foreign National”. Therefore, a candidate must
    • Ensure to meet the criteria and requirements mentioned in the National Occupational Classification (your job offer can be different from your previous field).
    • Qualify any one of the sub-programs selected by the employer in the job offer
    • Sign the Offer of Employment to a Foreign National form and save a copy for oneself, as you will need it for your application of permanent residence application and settlement plan.
    To qualify for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, a candidate must immediately prepare and gather all the documents related to:
    Language: A candidate must take the language test. On obtaining the results, it is necessary to attach them with the application. This is required even for those candidates who have studied in Canada for some time.
    Education: A candidate is required to show an Education Credential Assessment Report if he or she has taken education outside Canada.
    Evidence of Funds: A candidate must provide proofs of funds on arriving Canada.
    Other documents include
    • A settlement plan
    • An Endorsement Certificate
    Before submitting an application, a candidate must be sure about applying through any one of the sub-programs
    • Atlantic International Graduate Program
    • Atlantic High-Skilled Program
    • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program
    (All the details of each program mentioned above)
    Along with
    • Endorsement Certificate
    • Employment to a Foreign National
    Also, in most of the cases, you are required to provide your photo and fingerprints (biometrics) once you have applied.
    On meeting the requirements related to permanent residency through AIPP, a candidate may also become eligible to apply for a work permit on temporary basis. For that, a candidate must have
    • Designated employer’s job offer
    • Referral letter from any of the 4 Atlantic provinces, where the candidate will be working
    However, temporary work permit has a 1-year validation and the candidate can only work for the employer who has offered the job.
    The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) has opened the doors of opportunities for many immigrants. Through this program, a candidate is able to live with respect in one of the four provinces of Canada and can enjoy all the perks with his/her family.

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